Dr. Joyce Starr founded Rights Radio in 2008 out of deep concern for our economic and security rights - justifiably, as it turned out. The author of 17 books. she publishes the works of aspiring writers through the Starr Publishing imprint. Joyce is a sought-after book doctor, author coach and public speaker.

Economic Rights

Riches for the Rich

Obama’s Stock Market Miracle for Wealthy Donors: Bubble for the Rest?

During the February storms that paralyzed the East Coast, killed 20 and denied power to over 700,000, the U.S. stock market was on steroids. Misery apparently brings glee on Wall Street. The president has raised over $40 million dollars from high income donors during this four-year celebration. Is there a “special relationship” between the stock market surge and President Obama’s fundraising objectives?

stock market concerto

Fear Economy for the Ruling Class: Is the Tipping Point Near?

Paul Krugman hits a nerve with his December 26 NYT op-ed, “The Fear Economy.” On December 27, the S&P, DOW & NASDAQ reached new highs, performing in 2013 like Internet stocks from the late 1990s. The Fed brags that Americans have over 77 trillion in assets, yet wages are stagnant.


Consumer Alert: Department Store Marks Up Price by 300 Percent Pre-Discount

The handbag cost roughly thirty dollars two years ago. Now it was time to replace it. The department store was having a ONE DAY sale. With hundreds of purses on the horizon, my favorite bag was featured on a table by itself in two different colors. Sticker Shock. The store had marked it up by 300 percent.

Just the Chain

Student Debt: Single InfoGraphic Tells a Sad Story

College students today are spending more on their education than ever before. Here’s a visual look at the numbers. Guest post and image by graphic artist Maxine Wells. Tuition has risen 500% since 1985 and continues to rise each year, making it increasingly difficult to afford college. While a large percentage of full-time students take […]

Security Rights


World War III: ISIS at Israel and US Borders

World War III seemed to erupt out of nowhere, yet it had been boiling for the past three years. Leading intelligence services have been tracking ISIS Barbarians in Iraq and Syria for the past three years. Global leaders knew they were slaughtering Christians, minority sects, Shiites and even Sunnis who refused to bow before them. […]

Supreme Court Ruling on Cell Phone Privacy Vindicates Snowden, Greenwald, The Guardian & Washington Post

The Supreme court rules unanimously on cellphone privacy rights. Warrantless cellphone searches are not permitted under the fourth amendment (in most cases). Via the Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jun/05/what-snowden-revealed-changed-nsa-reform Via Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/06/26/usa-court-mobilephone-idUSL2N0P60TR20140626 By Lawrence Hurley (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that police officers usually need a warrant before they can search the cellphone of […]

Health Rights

Political Rights