Smoking Ban in Condominiums: How to Ban Smoking Inside Condo Units

condo smoking ban

How to Convince Neighbors to Stop Smoking "This book is truly a breath of fresh air for all who suffer from second hand smoke in condominiums and homeowners associations. It’s the perfect guide for condo owners who desire a smoke free environment." - Rita Zemlock, president, Group Against Smokers Pollution (GASP), Florida Do you long for a smoke free condominium? Do you wish you could convince … [Read more...]

Condo Health – Clean Indoor Air – No Smoking Inside Your Unit

Non-smoker Rights eBook by Dr. Joyce Starr

Condo health: Our condo Board asked me to draft a bulletin emphasizing our commitment to a healthy environment. Non-smoker Rights eBookThe real objective was to stop owners from smoking inside their units, but without directly attacking smokers. I opened the bulletin with "cooking" and closed it with "food." Perhaps you could use a similar document in your condo. Feel free to share it with your … [Read more...]

Cigarette Addicts: How they Rob Your DNA & Threaten Your Life

Secondhand Smoke Crimes

We've been suffering from secondhand smoke assault for over two years. As a result of our complaints - and efforts to educate - our Board is now requiring all new owners and renters to agree in writing that if they light up a cigarette, they will do so on their balcony. It's a good start - proving that non-smokers can make a difference. Show Date: January 20, 2011. Unfortunately, this rule … [Read more...]

Secondhand Smoke Abuse Against Women, Children, Pets: Second Hand Smoke as a Weapon

Second Hand Smoke Abuse Against Women, Children, Pets

Secondhand Smoke Crimes - New Book by Dr. Joyce Starr - tells a dramatic story about women and children victimized by secondhand smoke and what you can do to fight back. Dr. Joyce Starr and NY literary agent Karen Gantz discuss Secondhand Smoke Crimes in the interview below. Show Date: January 14, 2010 How children were poisoned and bleeding in their beds. How letters from doctors were … [Read more...]