Food Insecurity: Rusty Grocery Shopping Carts Endanger Your Food, Health & Children

Rusty Shopping Carts - Danger to Your Food and Health

Rusty Grocery Shopping Carts: How safe is your food? Here's looking at you Publix. Rusty grocery shopping carts endanger your food and health - along with children who sit in the carts and touch the rusty edges. I recently grabbed a cart at Publix, only to find a jagged, rusty piece of the handle sticking into my palm. I called over the manager on duty - Jorge, the assistant grocery manager - … [Read more...]

Extreme Couponing. Is it the New Addiction? Couponing Pros & Cons.

Where is the milk?

Extreme Couponing: Pros and Cons. Rights Radio with Dr. Joyce Starr. Show Date: June 8, 2011. We all love coupons -- the prospect of saving money in harsh economic times. But is Extreme Couponing addictive? What are your views? Listen and/or read below. Is there a dividing line between savvy couponing and Extreme Couponing? There's a show about Extreme Couponing on cable. We see … [Read more...]

Ice Cream, You Should Scream – Paying to Eat on Dirt

One of life's true pleasures: A cool ice cream cone on a hot summer's day. Rights w/ Dr. Joyce Starr. Show Date: July 15, 2010. Hamburgers, pita, pigeons & more! Enjoy the show and/or the show content below. I especially love the soft serve variety sold by our local ice cream parlor, aptly named D'Lites. It was around 6:00 pm when I ordered a medium chocolate and vanilla … [Read more...]

Genetically Modifed Food Risks for Humans & Pets: How to Make Informed Decisions

Pet Food Security

The Self-Help-Hour features genetically modified (GM) food risks to humans and pets. Dr. Joyce Starr interviews author Stephen Becker, a dedicated critic of GM foods. Show Date: May 28, 2009 Super "Natural" Vitality for Pets: What every pet owner MUST know about natural nutrition for their pets. The author reveals what many pharmaceutical and pet food industry "gurus" don't … [Read more...]

Rights Radio Self Help Hour: Healthy, Affordable, Comfort Food at…Macy’s Taste Bar!

Low cost, high quality, comfort food lunch in a department store? I discovered Macy's Taste Bar Cafe purely by chance. What a shock. Not only is the food healthy and delicious, it's also reasonably priced - one of the best buys in town. The service is also outstanding. In these trying economic times, let's give credit where credit is due. Guest: My Self Help Hour guest is Kashleigh … [Read more...]