Federal Reserve Audit: Why Bernanke held First Fed Press Conference

California could have fallen into the sea, but the stock market would continue to spiral upwards - at least until the powers that be decided otherwise. Why? Because that's what it's been programmed to do. Anyone who thinks the market is being pumped by new money is having an out-of-mind experience. The Federal Reserve - Oracle of Delphi - held its first press conference this week since it was … [Read more...]

Wall Street vs Main Street: Greatest Wealth Heist in US History

Greatest Wealth Heist in US History

The stock market was on an upward trajectory from the end of August through mid-October, 2010, with nary a breather. In good times, the rocket ascent might have raised a few eyebrows. In bad economic times - and in advance of the November elections - it's downright suspicious. Join Dr. Joyce Starr on Wall Street vs Main Street. Show Date: October 14, 2010. Listen to the show - read the full post … [Read more...]

Goldman Sachs: Betting Against American Taxpayers – Betting on TARP Bailout

Epitaph for Bankers

Goldman Sachs & the $10 billion TARP bailout. Was Goldman EVER in serious financial trouble from the housing crisis? Was Goldman in danger of going bankrupt? Could Goldman have failed without bailout support? The straight answer is no. Show Date: April 29, 2010 with Dr. Joyce Starr. If you've been listening to our show and/or reading my posts, you know I try to bring crucial facts to your … [Read more...]

What Do Tiger Woods & Senate Democrats Have in Common?

Can't Wait to Bid You Goodbye

What do Tiger Woods & Senate Democrats Have in Common? They're both prepared to risk ALL for secret sweetheart relationships, even if it means losing the respect of their true partners. The Senate health care vote was one of the saddest events since 911.  At least half of the voting public was officially abandoned by the ship of state. Their voices weren't silenced. They were simply … [Read more...]

Raiding the Treasury: Crushing Debt & Expanding Coffers: New Political Sport?

Bad Medicine for the Economy

The President committed over $780 billion to banks, brokers and mega corporations. Yet major US entitlement programs are on the verge of bankruptcy. Is raiding the US treasury a new political sport? Dr. Joyce Starr speaks out on the destruction of wealth and hope. Show Date: August 27, 2009. Tea Party Express Signs: Go Green: Recycle Congress & We're Not Your ATM. Here's the picture as … [Read more...]

Immortal Economic Stimulus Plan: Illusory Fountain of Youth for Declining US Economy

Economic Insecurity is Expensive

Immortal Economic Stimulus Plan 101, 102... Cap and Charade, Obamacare and Missile Defense Revisited. Show Date: July 9, 2009 with Dr. Joyce Starr and Joe Stallard, co-founders of RightsUniversity.com. Thirty-three (+) czars later... QUESTION: Administration critics typically preface criticism about the President with the words: "He's brilliant, but..." Smart, savvy, politically adept, … [Read more...]

Gerald Walpin & Age Discrimination Cases: First Shots “Fired” at Boomers & Older Workers?

Gerald Walpin

Rights Radio features Gerald Walpin & Age Discrimination: The White House claimed that Inspector General Gerald Walpin was "confused, disoriented and unable to answer questions." Were these the first shots "fired" against Boomers and older workers? If you want to force a Boomer (or his/her older sibling) out of a job, just insinuate senility? Show Date: June 25, 2009. 630,000 workers aged … [Read more...]