Why Home Air-Conditioning & Heating Filters Make You Sick. Alternative: Washable Filters.

Washable Home Air-Conditioning Filters: Dr. Joyce Starr interviews David Dorfman, aka Dr. Air Care. He hopes to save your skin – along with your lungs and pets. A former home builder, Dorfman is on a mission: to educate the public about the dangers of home air-conditioning filters + heating filters. Rights Radio Show Date: May 20, 2010.

Dr Air Care

Home Air Purification via Air Duct Cleaning & Washable Filters

Do you change your air-conditioning and heating filters on a regular basis? Are you aware that most standard, disposable air filters block only seven to ten percent of household bacteria – such as skin flakes, cooking oil, dust mites, mold spores etc? Dr. Air Care, offers washable filters that reportedly block nearly 99 percent of allergens, while saving you money year after year.

Listen to this Rights Radio.com show below to learn more.

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Home Air Purification Show Highlights:

Q: David, what triggered your journey into air care solutions?

A: About five years ago, I Was living in an apartment building in Sherman Oaks, California. I was dealing with numerous health issues. I had a hard time breathing, I was getting allergies and skin irritations. I mentioned this issue many times to the buildings management but was ignored. When they finally came out to inspect the problem, they sent a handyman to take a look. Now this is the same guy that would repair typical issues like broken door or drawer. But he had no clue about air quality. He mentioned that changing the air filters every 6-8 months is required, but then again he was using 30 day filters for 240 days! I then took this matter into my own hands. I went online and read about air quality – how so many people suffer from allergies and much much more caused by indoor air quality.

Q. I understand that you visited a number of doctors during your research.

Air Duct Cleaning + Washable Air Filters

Air Duct Cleaning + Washable Air Filters

Yes, they concurred that air quality is the #1 cause of 99 percent of everyday sickness’s such as allergies, colds, flues, nosebleeds, lung cancer, asthma & COPD. They also agreed that adults and children will have a difficult time overcoming respiratory illnesses like asthma as long as home air quality is poor.

Q. A number of doctors also sent your questionnaire to their patients. It’s interesting that they were willing to work with both a non-medical professional and a person new to the field.

A. I was new to air filtration, but not home building. I’d spent 8 years in the home building industry – from construction to sales. The doctors realized that I might be able to help their patients if I could get a better handle on the problem.

We asked patients identical questions, and amazingly, their answers were nearly all the same. The key question was: How often do you change the filters? The responses were nearly universal: “I don’t change the filter; I don’t even know what an air filter is; I think I did it three years ago when we moved in.” Filters deserve more attention then they receive. If you’re using a 30 day filter,  you should only use it for that period. The majority of disposable filters only stop ten percent of bacteria from entering the air system. Replacing them regularly is a great improvement over doing nothing.

Q: How often do most people use their heating and cooling systems?

Home Air Filter

Home Air Filter

A: Two to four times a week is considered often.

Q: How often should air filters be changed?

A: Filters should be changed as directed! Thirty to 90 days.

Q: What happens if filters are not changed regularly?

A: Failing to change the filter regularly results in poor health, as well as high electric bills and future repairs.

Q: How does changing an air filter save on electricity?

A: When the filter is dirty, the system cannot breath properly and works much harder, thus increasing your electricity bill.

Q: You’ve taken it further by creating a washable air filter. What were you trying to achieve?

A: We discovered that filtering properly and regularly reduces electricity costs and keeps your heater & a/c working for a very long time without the need for repairs. But there’s a catch. Filters that you purchase at the hardware or grocery store only stop about ten percent of air-born bacteria. Our air filter can stop 99 percent of all air-born bacteria and be washed regularly. No more running to the store to pick up filters. No more dust on furniture and of course, now you’re living in a cleaner air environment.

Q: What kind of air born bacteria are you talking about?

A: Cooking oils, skin flakes, dust mites, pet hair, dander and saliva.

Q: What’s the advantage of using washable air purifying filters over paper or fiberglass filters?

A: As noted, our filter stops 99 percent of bacteria from entering the system. It has a lifetime warranty as long as you wash it every 30-45 days. Bacteria that makes its way to the bedroom is typically coming from the kitchen, hallways, living & dining area. Our washable filter purifies the entire house – preventing allergens, dust, skin flakes, and cooking oils from entering your central air system. Not to mention it can also be used as an air freshener. Spray a small amount of Febreze into the air intake, and you will instantly have the same scent coming out of every vent in the house. (But don’t try it on a paper or fiberglass filter!)

Q: Tell us more about DrAirCare.com. Where are you based, and what types of services do you provide?

A: Dr Air Care is based in Southern California. We service sick homes on a daily basis and receive referrals from over 60 Doctors. We specialize in allergy and respiratory problems. Air duct cleaning is the focus of our services, but we offer a variety of services to help families enjoy healthy air. We believe that the #1 solution to air quality is proper filtration. Our air purification methods include air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning & UV technology.

Q: Who are your primary clients?

A: We deal with anyone suffering from poor air quality – pet owners, people moving to new home. Anyone with allergies to dust or pets.

Q: How much does a Dr. Air Care air purifying filter cost?

A: It all depends on the size. But on an average, $60-$110.

Q: What about custom sizes?

A: We can make any size filter for any system or intake. There is no extra charge for custom filters, but they take about a week longer to produce.

Q:: How does one wash the filter?

A: Washing the filter is very simple. Remove and wash with pressure water. You can use a hose or simply throw it in the bathtub. The drainage system on the filter will help drying time. Make sure the filter is dry before use.

Q: Are their other advantages of using Dr. Air Care washable air purification filters?

A: If you’re thinking about going green, this is a good way to start. No more trees to cut down – or filters to toss into a landfill. Further, Dr. Air Care will donate a portion of every filter sold to the Haitian relief effort.

Q: Will you be expanding your air duct cleaning service to other states?

A: We hope to offer our air duct and home purification services in Texas in 2010 and thereafter throughout the nation. But naturally, we sell our washable filters worldwide. Just call 888-544-4865 or visit our air purification website.

We’re pleased to note that Dr. Air Care has joined our eminent group of Rights Radio sponsors.

To healthy home air!

Dr. Joyce Starr
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