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Topics and Guests: 2009

Advice for Aspiring Authors: Literary Agent Karen Gantz & Dr. Joyce Starr . Dr. Joyce Starr interviews Karen Gantz, a New York literary agent and literary property lawyer. Recent clients include Alec Baldwin and Kathleen Turner. Show Date: October 28, 2009

Karen negotiates publishing agreements, option agreements, movie and entertainment deals, and deals with all aspects of the publishing field. She specializes in non-fiction works.

Dr. Joyce Starr interviews Dr. William Taylor, Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic & International Studies. Is the Afghanistan war winnable? What power do we really have against North Korean missile launch attacks/nuclear weapons? Show Dates: 9/17/09 & 9/24/09.

Elected to the Infantry Officer Hall of Fame, Colonel Taylor was director of debate at West Point. He joined the Center for Strategic & International Studies in 1981 and served as Senior Vice President and Director of the International Security Program. General David Petraeus – Commander of the Central Command – was his student at West Point.

Dr. Joyce Starr interviews national security and anti-terrorism expert Neil Livingstone: 1) Withdrawal from Afghanistan – possible scenarios; The Obama Administration & prosecution of CIA officers; and 3) The John Adams Project – revealing the identity of CIA officers. Show Date: September 10, 2009

Dr. Livingstone is a commentator on terrorism, intelligence, and national security issues. He’s a veteran of more than 1300 television appearances, including “Nightline,” “Meet the Press,” “Fox News,” “O’Reilly,” and all of the major network news programs. Author of nine books on terrorism, security and foreign policy, Dr. Livingstone is the Chairman and CEO of ExecutiveAction LLC.

Dr. Joyce Starr features cyber security expert Dr. David Gewirtz on cyber crimes. How your email privacy and cyber security is easily violated in the name of a worthy cause. How email scam artists convince recipients to break the law. Show Date: August 6, 2009

Dr. David Gewirtz, Editor-in-Chief of Zatz Magazines, is a renowned expert on cyber security and cyber privacy rights. This is his second appearance on Rights Radio. Dr. Gewirtz will explain how small business owners and entrepreneurs jeopardize their businesses by forwarding emails and sending unwanted emails to business AND personal lists.

Dr. Joyce Starr features former Inspector General Gerald Walpin & Age Discrimination. The White House claimed that Inspector General Gerald Walpin was summarily fired because he was “confused, disoriented and unable to answer questions.” Yet, over 144 renowned attorneys signed a letter challenging this action. Show Date: June 25, 2009.

630,000 workers aged 55-and-up joined the workforce last year. But the Equal Employment Opportunity Office reports that age discrimination cases & complaints were up by nearly 30 percent during the same period.

Dr. Joyce Starr features Brookstone’s stress reduction solutions on the Rights Radio Power Hour. Discover affordable, tested, drug-free solutions for a healthier life-style. Guest: Brookstone District Manager Heidi Weiss. Show Date: May 20, 2009

Brookstone offers the overstressed consumer healthy, affordable, drug-free solutions to combat stress and increase concentration at home, office or during travel. Brookstone products are conceived, designed and tested by Brookstone at their New Hampshire headquarters/Brookstone Laboratory. Known for unique gifts and fascinating gadgets, Brookstone is on the cutting edge of the health revolution.

Dr. Joyce Starr features Auto Financing: Why and when good credit can hurt you. Her guest is Nissan Finance Manager Dora Lee Stallard – also the director/founder of FreshStartIndy.com. Show Date: April 8, 2009

Preposterous as it may sound, it’s often easier to get a car loan if you’ve been through a bankruptcy than if you have a good credit score.

Dr. Joyce Starr features Madoff victim Lawrence Velvel, dean of the Massachusetts School of Law , on SEC neglect and failure to investigate. Show Date: April 22, 2009

A Massachusetts law school dean that lost money invested with swindler Bernard Madoff contends the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was “willfully, horribly negligent” in failing to monitor his operation. Now the federal judge overseeing the criminal case against Bernard Madoff has ordered the seizure of Madoff’s assets, making it impossible for victims to take action against those assets.

Dr. Joyce Starr features Music Rights & Rights in Music. Arizona’s classic rock band Element 115 is perhaps the most rights driven act of our time. Focusing on our inalienable rights, Element 115’s AL the Alien Drummer is even running for President. Special Guest: Michael Macpherson, founder/producer/musician. Show Date: March 25, 2009

Element 115’s “Warrior” alludes to the Kelo v New London decision, where government took private property NOT for public works, but to build a private business for increased tax revenue.

Dr. Joyce Starr features ZAP – Leader in Advanced Technology Vehicles. Special Guest: ZAP Founder/President – Gary Starr – America’s most prolific electric car entrepreneur. Show Date: March 11, 2009

ZAP has been a world leader for electric and advanced technology vehicles since 1994, delivering more than 100,000 electric vehicles in more than 75 countries. This Zero Air Pollution Electric Car is taking the world by storm.

Dr. Joyce Starr features adrenal stress & yo-yo diets. Special Guest: Dr. Mike Debord, adrenal health expert. Show Date: February 27, 2009

Adrenal stress triggers your body into burning carbohydrates and lean muscle instead of stored body fats, making effective dieting difficult, if not impossible. Dr. Debord explains how adrenal stress creates fat, ruins your health and could limit the years of your life.

Dr. Joyce Starr features “How to Look after Your Pet in a Recession.” Special Guest: Marc Abraham, British veterinary surgeon.Dr. Joyce Starr Show Date: February 11, 2009

How to best look after your pet in a credit crunch/recession – detecting health problems in your pet before it is too late, preventative health care and its importance (vaccinations, cleaning teeth, pet insurance), money-saving tips and much more..

Dr. Joyce Starr features “How to Slash Your Telephone Bill.” Special Guest: Steve Short, Vice President of VoiceStick.com – leader in the VoIP (Calls over the Internet) arena. Show Date: January 28, 2009

How to receive a unique phone number that follows you around the world, and unlike mobile phones, rates stay the same no matter where you are. A call from Hong Kong to London costs the same low rate as a call from Chicago to London! Make or receive calls on any phone and/or computer.

Dr. Joyce Starr features “How to Improve Your Digestive Health.” Special Guest: Nurse Vickie Cole and Puristat – the Digestive Health Solution. Show Date: January 14, 2009

Coping with the Loss of a Child, December 10, 2009. Rights Radio features the editor of the new Kindle Book: COPING WITH THE LOSS OF A CHILD: Strategies for Living with Loss – How Friends & Family Can Help. This work contains invaluable strategies for coping with child loss and tools for moving forward with life. Our guest is Karen Flyer, Executive Director of the Cope Foundation (CopeFoundation.org) and editor of the new book.

This work features: tips for parents, siblings and friends of the bereaved; suggested meditations from leading support therapists; and a critical list of child loss support websites and child loss hot-line numbers.

Spreading the Crumbs of Wealth: Unemployment has reached 10.2 percent, 190,000 jobs were lost in October, and 79 percent of Americans say the economic downturn has forced them to get by with less. Eighty-seven percent are worried about the future of the nation. Listen to Dr. Joyce Starr on “Spreading the Crumbs of Wealth on the Middle Class.” Show Date: November 5, 2009.

We’ve reached 16 million unemployed workers (the real figures are likely much higher), while fewer Americans approve of the job done by Congress than believe in UFOs.

News overload and chronic stress. We’re all feeling it. Bad news, chaotic news, terrifying news, indiscernible news – hitting us daily with the force of a tornado. How do we protect ourselves while remaining informed? Is the babble of 2009 at least partly intentional? Dr. Joyce Starr & Joe Stallard. Show Date: October 8, 2009

We barely recover from the news that senators plan to vote on health care bill without reading it — what could that possibly mean for the future of democracy? — when we learn that Florida hospitals plan to deny care to those suffering from late stage cancer and terminal illnesses if the state is hit with an H1N1 pandemic.

European Condo System vs American Condo System: No Condo Boards to Ruin Your Life. Condo rights advocates Dr. Joyce Starr & Jan Bergemann – President of Cyber Citizens for Justice (CCFJ.Net) – discuss striking differences between the European and US condo systems. Show Date: October 1, 2009

According to Bergemann, European countries do not have condo associations, condo boards or condo strife. He contends that the US condo association system is just another form of communism.

Healthcare Bill – Tax Records Release & New Tax Penalties: Term Limits for Congress Privacy Rights in Danger. The House version of the Obama Healthcare bill requires the release of tax records to the Health Czar and thousands of government employees. Dr. Joyce Starr interviews Congressman Will Robyou on this explosive privacy rights issue. Show Date: September 3, 2009.

Congressional approval ratings are now 37 percent – the lowest in 20 years. Nearly 57 percent of Americans would like to replace the entire Congress. Members of Congress understand how to game the system. They should not be allowed to serve for life! New rallying cry for Independents? Term limits for Congress!

Raiding the Treasury: Crushing Debt & Expanding Coffers: New Political Sport. The President committed over $780 billion to banks, brokers and mega corporations. Yet major US entitlement programs are on the verge of bankruptcy. Is raiding the US treasury the new political sport? Dr. Joyce Starr and Rights Radio financial guru Joe Stallard discuss the destruction of wealth and hope. Show Date: August 27, 2009.

US Government bailouts = $780 billion. Yet Social Security liability is reportedly between $10- $17. 5 trillion (depending on the source of the data). Social Security & Medicare liability combined are estimated at $106 trillion. And that’s just for starters….

How high profile personal injury cases benefit big insurance companies, while making it more difficult for average citizens to obtain medical help or compensation. Dr. Joyce Starr & personal injury attorney Jeff Jacobs on the Rights Radio Self Help Hour. Show Date: August 20, 2009.

Jeff Jacobs, a Plaintiff’s attorney, has practiced in Florida and been a member of the Florida Bar since 1985. He’s also a member of the Federal Bar, the Court of Veterans Appeals, the Trial Lawyers of America and the Dade County Trial Lawyers. Jeff contends that “Insurance companies and large corporations stand to benefit from big award cases. In the famous McDonald’s coffee case, the plaintiff wanted to settle for a minimal amount. But the insurance company refused to settle and took it to court. The court subsequently awarded a great deal of money to the plaintiff, and now McDonald’s is using the decision to argue for tort reform to limit law suits!

Rights Radio w/ Dr. Joyce Starr: Citizen Rights & Pandora’s Box. Have Townhall Protests Over Obama Health Care Opened the Door for a Radical Change in our relations with Members of Congress? Are the toughest questions only an election away? Show Date: August 13, 2009.

Members of Congress, as we pointed out previously, receive their income for life – no matter how many or few years they serve – and the best healthcare your money cannot buy. Yet, we have little, if any, control over how they vote and how they line their pockets.

Mandatory vaccinations of women and children. The all too real prospect of drug troopers entering homes and forcing vaccinations on mothers and children. Rights Radio Self Help Hour w/ Dr. Joyce Starr. Show Date: July 30, 2009.

Smart, savvy, determined women want to know what’s in the vaccine – and is it safe? Or is the real plan to shorten the life-span of women while turning their children and grandchildren into vaccine induced zombies? When did our “male” protectors in Congress turn into tormentors and sheeple? You don’t have a right to live – or the right to control your own life – if “they” can take it away from you.

Is Obamacare a Solution or Threat for Senior Citizens? Dr. Joyce Starr & Dr. Lawrence Hunter discuss government-run national health care on the Rights Radio Self Help Hour. Show Date: July 16, 2009.

The President and Congress are vaulting toward national health care. Dr. Lawrence Hunter, founder and president of the SocialSecurityInstitute.com and PatientOptOut.com warns that you will not be able to keep your insurance, choose your own doctors or control your own health if they succeed. Dr. Hunter argues that Americans will be forced to pay for the government-mandated healthcare “before you pay your mortgage, put food on your table for your family and put gas in your car.”

A condo president moves thousands of dollars from the condo Association’s reserve account without proper signatures. He could be planning to abscond with and/or draw down Association funds. Show date: July 2, 2009.

My guest is the condo treasurer and an experienced account in her own right. The condo president, who declared bankruptcy only a few months ago, recently transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the condo’s reserve account – without the required signatures – into newly established accounts at other banks, (including the bank where he maintains his mortgage).

Immortal Economic Stimulus Plan: Illusory Fountain of Youth for Declining US Economy. Economic Stimulus Plan 101, 102… Cap and Charade, Obamacare and Missile Defense Revisited. Dr. Joyce Starr speaks out, with RightsUniversity.com co-founder, Joe Stallard. Show Date: July 9, 2009

The mega-rich-right turned the country left; now the mega-rich-left are destroying the rest. Thirty-three czars later – can anyone prevent further decline of the US economy in 140 characters or less?

Surviving childhood trauma and abuse – how do you move on? Our guest not only survived, but was able to overcome childhood trauma steeped in an abusive family situation on a path to an MBA and a family of her own. Listen to Dr. Joyce Starr’s interview with Karen Flyer on the Rights Radio Self-Help Hour. Show Date: June 11, 2009.

Karen Flyer’s memoir, Loss and Found, explores the struggle to heal from childhood trauma. Karen is also the executive director of COPE – Connecting Our Paths Eternally – a non-profit grief and healing organization dedicated to helping parents and families living with the loss of a child. Karen did not lose a child, but she did lose her childhood.

The Rights Radio Self-Help Hour features Brookstone’s innovative, affordable anti-stress and pro-health solutions for Dads and grads. Guest: Heidi Weiss, Brookstone District Manger. Luxurious hammocks and voice-activated, self-setting Smart Clocks are great de-stress gifts. Show Date: June 5, 2009

Finding a useful, healthy Father’s Day or graduation gift is no easy matter. Gifting relaxation – now that’s a feat. Brookstone makes it easy. Find out how. The instant replay for this show is directly below. Click the play arrow.

Genetically Modified (GM) Food. The RightsRadio.com Self-Help-Hour features genetically modified (GM) food risks to humans and pets Dr. Joyce Starr interviews Stephen Becker, president of  VitalityScience.com – a dedicated critic of GM foods. Show Date: May 28, 2009

Stephen Becker contends that genetically modified (gm) foods are a health threat to both humans and pets. How can you make informed decisions for yourself, your family and your beloved pet(s)? What are the cons and pros of genetically modified foods?

What do Lot’s Wife, sun protection and auto loan fights have in common? RightsUniversity.com – the first mobile university. Dr. Joyce Starr discusses her approach to self-help and empowerment mentoring with colleague Joe Stallard. Starr and Stallard are co-founders of RightsUniversity.com – offering self-empowerment and self-advocacy mentoring + mobile content. Show Date: April 9, 2009

If you can’t afford visits to a dermatologist for regular skin cancer checks because you can’t afford insurance, if you can’t get a car loan because you lost your job, if you’re threatened with foreclosure, if you’re subject to bullying or have to deal with a belligerent condo board or HOA – your health, spirit and peace of mind is under assault.

Home Security: How to protect your home from criminal attacks. My guest, Paul Pradines, has over twenty-five years experience in Law Enforcement, including twenty years in SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics), twelve years as a SWAT Team Leader and seven years experience as supervisor of the Burglary Strike Force. Show Date: April 30, 2009.

Paul discussed critical homeowner security strategies for homes, condos and gated communities. The Tactical Police unit he headed specializes in covert patrols, intelligence gathering, and surveillance.

Tax Tea Party Protests: The Rights Radio Self Help Hour Welcomes Back Tax Mama Eva Rosenberg. The Tax Tea Parties goal is to pressure both Congress and states to reject government spending as a way out of recession and to fix the tax code. What results can we expect re a flat tax and a response to protest demands? Show Date: April 16, 2009.

A nationwide protest is scheduled for April 15, the deadline for filing federal income tax returns. It all began on February 19, 2009 with an on-air vent by Rick Santelli of CNBC, who complained that President Obama’s $75 billion bailout of mortgage defaulters rewarded bad behavior.

The Rights Radio Self Help Hour features outrageous bank overdraft fees. Consumers are being raked over the coals by overdraft rates and by the reordering of debits to increase fees. Rights Radio financial guru Joe Stallard joins me is identifying ways to prevent or reduce these fees. Show Date: April 9, 2009

Consumer complaints about unexpected overdraft fees, exorbitant overdraft fee rates and the reordering of debits to increase fees are rampant. Our guest explains how you stop being raked over the coals.

Dr. Joyce Starr focuses on National Security Rights. President Ronald Reagan created the Star Wars Program (Strategic Defense Initiative) in 1983. Guest Mike Gamble, former director of Boeing’s Ballistic Missile Defense Program, explains what happened to the program. Show Date: March 26, 2009.

National Security is a Rights Issue. You have a right to know how the US Government plans to defend you and your family against ballistic missile attacks from rogue nations.

Rights Radio Rocks! Arizona’s classic rock band Element 115 is perhaps the most rights driven act of our time. Focusing on our inalienable rights, Element 115’s AL the Alien Drummer is even running for President. Listen to my March 25, 2009 interview with founder/producer/musician Michael Macpherson.

Element 115’s “Warrior” alludes to the Kelo v New London decision, where government took private property NOT for public works, but to build a private business for increased tax revenue.

Dr. Joyce Starr highlights Mortgage Interest: How much of your mortgage interest can you really deduct? Guest Eva Rosenberg – TaxMama to her clients and fans – warns that “it all depends.” Show Date: March 19, 2005

Eva Rosenberg has decades of tax and business experience, spanning a surprising spectrum of industries. She also shares invaluable insights re first time homeowners credit.
With the tax always changing, the only way to protect yourself is to stay currently informed.

Dr. Joyce Starr proposes that we Feng Shui the Toxic Political Environment. Guest Yvonne Phillips has been practicing Feng Shui for home energy clearing for 18 years. Show Date: March 12, 2009.

Dr. Starr has written two books about salt energy healing for home and hearth. Salt Secrets: Salt Tips for Life is the most recent. Now she’s joining forces with Yvonne to produce a CD on “How to Feng Shui the Political Environment.” (TBA).

Dr. Joyce Starr spotlights affordable, high quality comfort meals…at Macys Taste Bar! Guest Kashleigh Greenwood is the Training Manager of Macy’s Florida Food Division. Show Date: March 5, 2009.

Not only is the food healthy and delicious, it’s also reasonably priced – one of the best buys in town. The service is also outstanding. In these trying economic times, let’s give credit where credit is due. Macy’s Culinary Council is comprised of outstanding chefs and Taste Bars in numerous cities.

Dr. Joyce Starr discusses How to Reduces Your Telephone Phone Bill. Guest Steven Short, Vice President for Customer Experience for i2Telecom, explains how to take back power from telephone giants. Show Date: February 26, 2009

Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a years on land line and/or cell phone phone bills? Click here to learn more.

Dr. Joyce Starr features the PC versus MAC Smackdown. Are Apple stores losing visitors? What’s the best “new media” solution for the poor (and now poorer) consumer? Guest Cal Mazzara reveals all. Show Date: February 19, 2009.

Cal is the founder of the PCMacSmackdown.com radio show and a new media guru at FullCompass.com. If you’re completely lost when it comes to choosing podcast equipment, Cal’s the one to call.

Dr. Joyce Starr explains: How to avoid setting off a homeowners association or condo association foreclosure avalanche when you’re standing in front of it. Guest Dr. David Goldenberg is co-author of StarrPublications.com Homeowner Rights Defense Kit. Show Date: February 12, 2009.

A homeowner based in Texas missed a $400 payment to his homeowners association – which soon mushroomed into an additional $3000/plus in legal fees, foreclosure and eviction. Join Dr. Starr and Dr. Goldenberg for a lively discussion re your condo and HOA rights.

Dr. Joyce Starr asks: Is Television Making Women Sick? Guest Frank Martin DiMeglio, author of Human Being: Self, Desire, and Consciousness talks about television as an extended form of the dream vision. Show Date: February 5, 2009.

Television is an extended form of the dream vision. Dreaming while asleep is healthy. But dreaming while awake disassociates the dreamer from reality. “If you walk away from reality, reality walks away from you,” says the author. Extended television viewing leads to a breakdown of our cellular structure and yields power over our minds and bodies to the “dream-makers.” Pharmaceutical ads – especially the overwhelming number of ads directed at women –  convince women they are sick, fat and worse.

Weight Loss Supplement Claims: Fact And Fiction Guest Column by Weight Loss Review Expert

Dr. Joyce Starr raises questions about Fat Burner Lies. Are the majority of fat burner products and supplements pure hoax? Guest Paul Crane, (UltimateFatBurner.com), author of the free Ebook, Dirty, Rotten Tricks; Supplement Company Lies That Cost YOU $$$, provides the insider point of view. Show Date: January 29, 2009

Is most of the fat burner and supplement industry a scam? Do some products work better for men vs. women? Young vs. old? How does caffeine enter the equation? Are these products really natural, as advertised, and if so, can they work? What makes an effective fat burner?

Dr. Joyce Starr asks: How and When to Backup Your Hard Drives/External Drives and Prevent the Loss of Critical Data. Guest Christopher Harvey, Novastor Corporation CTO, (Novastor.com) presents an award-winning global leader in backup protection software. Show Date: January 22, 2009

If you want to avoid the shock and acute stress of sudden hard disk drive and external disk drive failures, do not miss this show. Read more about drive backups here.

Dr. Joyce Starr announces the Pet Emergency Plan. Pet Communicator Melodee Campbell-Shelley is our guest on this important topic. Show date: January 15, 2009

Do you have an emergency plan in place to protect your beloved pet or animal during a disaster, forced evacuation, accident or a sudden illness that lands you in the hospital while your best paw friend is left alone? If your answer is “no,” this show is for you. Visit SOSPaws.com for more information on the Pet Emergency Action Plan.

Bank Overdrafts: Outrageous Bank Overdraft Fees & Practices

Dr. Joyce Starr highlights credit and bankruptcy issues. Credit score repair guru Joe Stallard – author of our Special Report,How to Repair Your Credit Score – discusses steps you must take to repair your credit score and prevent foreclosure after filing for bankruptcy. Show date: January 8, 2009

Joe Stallard is the Rights Radio Think Tank expert on credit repair, bankruptcy, foreclosures and related financial issues. He joins Dr. Joyce as co-host of our new Money Talks private membership show.

Dr. Joyce Starr explains how to leave your depression drugs behind for the New Year. Author Dana C. Gustafson (Life is a Maintenance Program: You’re the Janitor, 2008) is our guest on New Year’s Day, 2009

Dana Gustafson has undertaken extensive research on the life-threatening impact of anti-depressants and has heart-breaking first hand experience. Low periods are not the enemy. Depression can help empower you forward. Find out how anti-depression drugs steal life one pill at a time.

How to Create a Winning Website Business – And Not Get Fleeced by Guru Hype

Dr. Joyce Starr tells you how to overcome website business blues! Can’t afford a website designer? Don’t know where to start or what to fix? Dr. Joyce presents self-help steps for website business success in 2009. Show Date: December 26, 2008.

The majority of site newbies throw thousands of dollars down the marketing hype drain before they make a dime. Don’t be a victim. Gift yourself a smarter approach to website design and website marketing.

Stock Fraud: How to Get A Portion of Your Money Back

Dr. Joyce Starr highlights stock market fraud: How to get at least a portion of your money back! Shareholder rights litigation attorney Jason M. Leviton, Cohen, Milstein, Sellers and Toll discusses shareholder rights. Show Date: December 19, 2008.

Jason Leviton Esq. is a featured Rights Radio Think Tank expert. He spoke about shareholder rights on the Rights Radio Power Hour on November 19, 2008.

Hotel Security: India Hotel Attacks – Lessons Learned

Rights Radio launched the Self Help Hour in the wake of the terrorist hotel attacks in India. Our inaugural show: US Hotel Security. Are You Safe? Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Hotel, a leading small hotel of the world (Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards – July, 2008), provides better security than the majority of small hotels. Guest David Benton, Rittenhouse Hotel VP, explains why. Show Date: December 12, 2009.

David Benton discussed hotel security with Dr. Starr on the RIGHTS Radio Power Hour on December 3, 2008. This follow-up 30 minute Self Help Hour segment highlights security actions that guests can take to protect themselves and their children. Don’t leave the door open when you move between rooms; Know where your children are at all times. Make certain that the person knocking at your door is a member of the hotel staff – call the desk to confirm.  Don’t announce your room while standing in the lobby. Study the emergency exit information provided by the hotel and more…