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Tele-Counseling on Your Homeowners Association Rights

“Dr. Joyce Starr came to our attention in reading about her radio program. Our condo owners were having enormous problems, and no one wanted to take it on or go to any trouble to help solve the issues at hand. Several of us formed a committee working to make contact with state government and federal officials. Dr. Joyce helped the committee surge ahead. We are grateful to Dr. Joyce and her leadership in getting us where we are today. She has made this effort possible for us. We shall continue to applaud her hard work and interest.” – Charleen Hiten, Kentucky

“I want you to know how much I appreciate finding you; Your advice was more solid than anything I dealt with beforeThe steps you advised were the best actions I’ve taken. I see the situation differently now, and it’s all because of your influence.” – Anna T., Florida

“Thank you so much for your help Joyce. With your excellent guidance, I was awarded the $5,000 deductible my HOA attempted to charge me for on a common area water damage claim. A large reward from such a small investment to obtain your expertise. The advice and guidance you provided was exactly what I needed to prepare for my interactions with the HOA. The fee for services you provided would have cost me hundreds of dollars elsewhere. I’m so thankful I found you! And your response time has been phenomenal! I was going in the wrong direction until I spoke with you. Thank you for helping me understand the direction I have to take.” – C. Herman., California

Your consultation was the best Christmas present I’ve had and the best money spent. Our HOA Manager sent me a letter demanding nearly $5000 for water damage clean up. This is the first condo that I purchased. You’ve been God’s blessing to me and my family. You have given us hope. Nobody care’s any more, but you do.” – Guy W., California

“I’m an accountant and served in senior management positions with major companies. Yet, dealing with condo board over what appears to be fraudulent management practices has been a nightmare consuming months of my life. Our Board members have minimal business skills including lack of understanding financial statements, management, accounting controls and hoas. I can’t thank you enough for your consultation – refocusing and empowered me – and reminding me that once a person puts emotion into a business situation (ie dealing with a Condo Association), they lose. You are so qualified in your field.” – Chris M., Georgia

“Eureka Dr. Joyce! You were just the person I was searching for to advise on my problem.” – Barbara D., New Hampshire

“I am indebted to you for all of the work, dedication and expertise that you devoted to myself and my wife. Your friendship and caring throughout has been revered and treasured.” – Dr. Tony, Florida

“You and those wonderful books of yours have empowered me to be all of what used to be and more. I can’t tell you what you’ve done for my life. I haven’t feel this good for so many years. I’m never going to be a victim again. My victim feelings went out the window. When I called the acting president of our HOA (they keep trying to pretend like we have one), I told him, ‘I’m tired of being kept in the dark. I want answers!'” – Cheryl, Florida

Thank goodness for Dr. Joyce Starr! She’s a compassionate advocate for the homeowner in distress: the condo owner or HOA member facing bullying Board members who think they do not have to answer to the law, common sense or human decency. Dr. Starr helps you define your case against their tyranny. Reading her book (DEFEND YOUR CONDO AND HOMEOWNER RIGHTS) has been quite an education into just how nasty power-tripping boards can be. But having her direct input into my particular situation through her consultation service was an incredible benefit. Dr. Starr helped me deal with the particulars of a run away condo board train that seems, more often than not, in need of serious derailment. It was wonderful to call on her for advice in an inhumane and nearly diabolical fight.” – Gary Hoch, Atlanta

“Dr. Joyce Starr goes the extra mile. I was amazed at how much assistance she provided in a one-hour teleconsultation.” – Nina L., California

“I do not think I could have ever made it through the Condo legal jungle as you did. Thus far yours was much thicker and filled with much larger animals of prey. Nevertheless, there is great comfort in finding a friend out there that has been there and done that.” – H. B, North Carolina

Dr. Joyce helped me understand how to prevent a lien on my home.” – Amanda D., Texas

“Your attention to detail gives us a great foundation to keep the homeowners safe & happy.” – Ron Conrad, Developer, Washington State


How to Defend/Protect Your Condo Owner & HOA Rights – Homeowners Defense Kit – How to Recall Your Homeowners Association Board in Ten Steps

“Dr. Joyce Starr’s book – How to Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Rights – helps every condo owner or hoa member understand the true reality of condo and HOA living.” – Florida State Representative Julio Robaina

“Dr. Joyce Starr offers a riveting work that condo and HOA owners everywhere will identify with.”
– Jan Bergemann, Cyber Citizens for Justice

Excellent, Informative and Instructional. In Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Rights, Dr. Joyce Starr describes the punitive and abusive nature of runaway condo and HOA boards (how they run away with your rights!) and precisely what to do about it. Her book provided an island of sanity and confirmation that I was not alone, nor was I imagining that I was surrounded by shark-infested condo waters. These waters consist of at least three distinct species that tag-team their prey: the board itself, the board’s ‘Dream Team’ of over paid lawyers and the so-called ‘Management Company’ co-conspirators. Dr. Starr describes in amazing detail how corrupt, unfair and vengeful these little people with big power can be if left unchecked and unchallenged. She also explains how checking and challenging them can unleash their ‘how dare you challenge my power’ furry. In shark-infested waters, most try to remain still in hopes of not being noticed or become paralyzed with fear. Dr. Starr offers a weapon of choice. Her book is packed with example after example of how condo and HOA members can defend themselves and fight for their rights in troubled homeowner waters.” – Gary Hoch, Georgia

“Dr. Joyce, Thank you for the “Homeowners Defense Kit” received yesterday afternoon. I naturally perused your book with delight, although anguished over your ordeal. What a nightmare! I am so extremely sorry of your torment by such a deviously evil group. Yours is all too true a saga of the indecency, corruption and avariciousness so prevalent in humanity. Will this civilization never accept that ‘We Are Our Brothers Keepers’? I am so fulfilled by your unwavering, although painstakingly, ‘trial by fire’ triumphs. Well done, Dr. Joyce, well done. God bless you and Robert. I laud you both for your meticulous undertakings in your eventual conquest over evil. Your book is a reinforcement of that belief and I delight in having found my way into your learned environment in the Condo/Hoa arena. Yet still…I would prefer a cabin on a lake (without deed restrictions) and bears for neighbors! – Joan, Florida

“You are to be commended for your courage, caring and commitment.” – Valmore Lucier, Florida´s First Condo Election Monitor.

“Thank-you for your wonderful contributions to this important issue.” – Attorney Barry Boca, Florida

“I´d hit rock bottom. I can´t wait for your next edition.” – E.S, Miami

“I think what you did is wonderful. If I had your book, I would not have made such mistakes.I see light at the end of the tunnel. You have given me hope!” – Florence G, Boca Raton

Rights Radio Shows

“Dear Joyce, You made my day. I can see why your audience in the Miami area as well as your Internet viewers tune in. Your voice is great coupled with a pleasing demeanor.” – William F., Florida

“Dr. Joyce, your show today was an absolute delight! I could have listened to you both all afternoon. Chris Gilman is such a compassionate and fascinating educator. The sincere love and knowledge he has for horses was so clearly evident. I was captivated from start to finish.” – J. Rocspear, Florida

“Thank you so much for being a most compassionate intermediary in providing your listeners with such interesting and knowledgeable individuals with virtual issues. You are most accommodating and supportive of your guests and listeners and command my sincerest respect. Thank you never seems enough in conveying my appreciation. Stay well and happy, you are always in my prayers.”
– Jesse S., Texas

Your show on shareholder rights was awesome!” – Nikki S., Massachusetts

“I listened to you show today with Rep. Robaina. It was excellent. I want to share it with my state rep here in MA as we are trying to work together on changing MA condo laws. We have BOD members who have been there for 20 years and use fear and intimidation with anyone who questions them. Rep. Robaina’s new legislation will be so incredibly helpful to me as a unit owner. I thank him for all his efforts! He did a great job on your show explaining all the upcoming changes.” – Monica B., Newburyport, MA


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