News Overload Stress Syndrome – How to stay informed when the news makes you sick?

News overload and chronic stress. We’re all feeling it. Bad news, chaotic news, terrifying news, indiscernible news – hitting us daily with the force of a tornado. How do we protect ourselves while remaining informed?

Is the babble of 2009 at least partly intentional? We barely recover from the news that senators plan to vote on health care bill without reading it — what could that possibly mean for the future of democracy? — when we learn that Florida hospitals plan to deny care to those suffering from late stage cancer and terminal illnesses if the state is hit with an H1N1 pandemic.

But the stock market keeps accelerating and Wall Street brokers are receiving the biggest bonuses in years because we gave them billions of our tax dollars to play with. Companies that received stimulus money — and didn’t pay it back — will be forced to slash their mega-bonuses, but only for the last two months of 2009! (You won’t learn about that minor caveat unless you…watch or read the news.)

Meanwhile, 30 percent of Americans have stopped shopping, small business are slashing both salaries and expenses and Wall Street firms that did not take stimulus money are making out like….well, like bandits.

And the most important issue over the past week is the White House versus Fox News. Talk about distractions and denial of free speech.

I’m joined by my co-founder, Joe Stallard.

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To your health!

Dr. Joyce Starr

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