Rights Radio Power Hour: Critical Software for Hard Drive Backups

How and When to Backup Your Hard Drives/ External Drives and Prevent the Loss of Critical Data.

NovastorNovastor CTO Christopher Harvey was my guest on the Rights Radio Self Help Hour on January 22, 2009. Novastor (Novastor.com) is an award-winning global leader in data backup protection software.

Only 15 percent of computer users backup their data, and only 15 percent of this wise minority do so in way that can truly backup their data! If you want to avoid the shock and acute stress of sudden hard disk drive and/or external disk drive failures, listen to the replay of this show below.

I found my solution a week too late: AFTER my external drive expired to Drive Heaven. My subsequent search for drive backup software was exhausting, frustrating and confusing.  Relatively few backup software sites make it easy to reach LIVE customer support, offer free technical support to the new user or respond to emails.

Then  I found Novastor.com. With a single download and a brief conversation with an extremely “supportive” technical specialist, bricks of data despair were lifted from my shoulders. Here are just a few of the questions touched upon during my interview with Christopher Harvey:

  • Why do I need to purchase backup software?  Doesn’t Windows already include a backup application?
  • How often do I need to backup?
  • My Accounting and CRM application are always running and cannot be shutdown to do a backup.  How can I protect this critical data?
  • Why do I need image-backup when all that is important to me is my data?
  • What is “Online” or “Remote” Backup and why do I need it?

During my backup software research, I learned that external drives begin to die the day they’re born and 40 percent of all data loss is due to hardware failure.  Recovering the information won’t work without your programs and operating system, while trying to rebuild a system from scratch is perilous – you never get back to where you were.

And here’s another insider “secret”:  Most backup solutions will not work when your computer takes over a drive letter.  If you don’t understand what that means, contact Novastor!

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To your data protection!

Dr. Joyce Starr