Condo Health – Clean Indoor Air – No Smoking Inside Your Unit

Condo health: Our condo Board asked me to draft a bulletin emphasizing our commitment to a healthy environment.

Non-smoker Rights eBook by Dr. Joyce Starr
Non-smoker Rights eBook

The real objective was to stop owners from smoking inside their units, but without directly attacking smokers. I opened the bulletin with “cooking” and closed it with “food.” Perhaps you could use a similar document in your condo. Feel free to share it with your board and manager.

For years, my arguments regarding the dangers of secondhand smoke fell on deaf ears. I was victimized by the smoker next door and frequently attacked when I raised the issue at Board meetings. Researching the laws and hoping to help others fight back, I wrote the book, Secondhand Smoke Crimes. Gift the paperback to your neighbors or download the eBook version.

Today, to their great credit, our Board and property manager are pressing forward with environmental initiatives. I didn’t give up, and neither should you.

Healthy Environment – Clean Air

Dear owners and tenants:

Our condo association earned a prestigious environmental award in 2011. The Board and Management are taking active steps to create a healthy environment and clean air for all residents. As you know, we share a common air conditioning and heating system.

Here’s how you can help.

1) Do not leave your unit door open when cooking. Cooking fumes settle into the hallway carpets and walls. Do not leave your unit door open in an attempt to cool your apartment. We want to reduce, not increase, our common electricity costs.

2) Do not smoke inside your unit. When a smoker opens his/her unit door, cigarette fumes and toxins travel into the corridors and remain there for the long-term. You have a right to smoke on your balcony with the door closed. Please do not inflict your habit on your neighbors.

3) Do not smoke in the pool area. The pool is a common area. Smoking is prohibited in common areas – even outdoors within the private property!

4) Do not leave food or sodas on your balcony, at the pool or in other common areas – including the trash room. Food attracts ants and other undesirable creatures. The Association spends a considerable amount of money each month to prevent infestation. Please do your part to ensure a healthy environment.

From fellow unit owners and tenants,

Thank you for your support!

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