Fear Economy for the Ruling Class: Is the Tipping Point Near?

stock market concerto

Paul Krugman hits a nerve with his NYT op-ed, "The Fear Economy," (December 26, 2013). The following day, the S&P, DOW & NASDAQ reached new highs, performing in 2013 like Internet stocks from the late 1990s. The Federal Reserve brags on its website that Americans accumulated over 77 trillion in assets by 2013, (largely controlled by the 0.1 percent.) Have we reached the tipping point? In … [Read more...]

Student Debt: Single InfoGraphic Tells a Sad Story

Just the Chain

College students today are spending more on their education than ever before. Here's a visual look at the numbers. Guest post and image by graphic artist Maxine Wells. Tuition has risen 500% since 1985 and continues to rise each year, making it increasingly difficult to afford college. While a large percentage of full-time students take on a part-time jobs, the extra money does not cover tuition, … [Read more...]

Holiday Shopping: 5 Ways To Save Money While Shopping This Holiday Season

holiday shopping budget

Save Money This Holiday Season - Avoid the Pain of Your Next Credit Card Bill. Guest Post by David Landry Jr. While joy and good cheer surround holiday shopping, there is little pleasure in discovering that you spent far more than you can afford. The sad lesson comes in opening your credit card statement the following month. To mitigate the pain, or avoid it altogether, here are five tips that … [Read more...]

Wounded Knee: Which Doctor Do You Call When Your Knee Hurts?

Knee pain or injury

Knee Pain? When you're knee(s) hurt, where do you turn?  - Guest post by Angie Picardo. A knee injury can make you feel a hundred years old, even if you’re only twenty-five. Grounded. Stopped in your tracks. It takes an emotional toll. You watch your days of carefree jogging flash by in the review mirror. Skiing is a distant memory. Tennis looks iffy. You shelve your stilettos in favor of … [Read more...]

“Unbanked” and “Underbanked” – How US Banks Fail to Serve Nearly 60 million Americans

ATM for the Unbanked

"Unbanked" and "Underbanked" - American citizens who lack access to secure banking services. Guest post by John Gower, NerdWallet.com From the piggy bank to federal student loans, banks touch the lives of almost every American. Yet, nearly 60 million Americans lack access to secure banking services and/or do not have a bank account. Minorities and immigrants, in particular, often rely on … [Read more...]

The World Bank: The Bank’s Role in the Global Economy and Why it Matters

World Bank Headquarters

The World Bank is the largest financial backer of international development, particularly of emerging nations.  Guest post by Angie Picardo. A supremely powerful institution, the World Bank is also frequently criticized for its policies, initiatives and operations. Framed with successes and shadowed by missteps, the Bank has generated significant fiscal and social change for countries around … [Read more...]