Gun Safety: Second Amendment Wrongs, Children’s Rights vs Weapons of War

Curating a Common Sense Approach to Firearm Safety: The Potentially Curable American Disease. The words come spilling forth. Here's what we have learned in a few short days following the Sandy Hook slaughter of innocents. 1) There will soon be more firearms in America than citizens - 300 million weapons at last count. 2) The United States has the worst record in the industrialized world in … [Read more...]

Bank of America Sued…Again – It’s only the fifth inning according to the New York Times

New York prosecutors sue Bank of America over Bad Loans   On Wednesday, federal prosecutors in New York took aim at Bank of America. They accused it of carrying out a scheme, started by its Countrywide Financial unit, that defrauded government-backed mortgage agencies by churning out loans at a rapid pace without proper controls. In a civil suit, prosecutors seek to collect at least … [Read more...]

American Express Prepaid Card – What You Should Know About Prepaid Cards

The American Express prepaid card confers the "stature" of being an American Express Card holder. The prepaid card is honored by merchants that accept American Express. But there are also concerns. Fraudulent charges. Immediate credits might be issued in some cases. However, cardholders are more often informed that it takes about eight weeks before a final decision is made, and they will not … [Read more...]

Colorado Massacre: Red Flag Internet Sales of Massive Ammo – Warn local police!

Ammunition Warnings: While everyone is talking gun laws to death - literally - the US Government is apparently turning a blind eye to staggering online sales of ammunition. Don't you find it odd that the police were able to report, in only a few hours, exactly how much ammunition the Colorado killer purchased over the Internet and through other sources?  They have him down to the last … [Read more...]

Jury Service, Jury Selection Rights – Versus Threats, Hunger & Lack of Privacy Protection.

Jury Selection, Civic Duty and the Jury Trial Court System. Your Rights if Selected for Jury Service: The Pope and Brad Pitt [hana-code-insert name='Google' /] A Harris Poll commissioned by the American Bar Association in 2004 concluded that the majority of the people believe that jury duty is an important civic responsibility.  "It remains crucial to the function of our democracy that we … [Read more...]

Attention Women: Her Doctor Failed to Inform Her that She Was Cancer Free

True Story - Breast Cancer Scare: She received the news that every woman dreads. Her digital mammogram was clean, but the ultrasound identified a small, suspicious dark area. A local biopsy was performed. She departed from the office with a report stating that she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.  An invasive biopsy was recommended. Her doctor - a member of a respected practice … [Read more...]

American Express Credit Fraud Alert – Phony Debt Collection on Behalf of American Express

A reader sent us the following debt fraud alert: A company with no name is sending out delinquent debt collection letters allegedly on behalf of American Express. If receive a debt validation letter, please read the fine print on both the stationary and envelope! Debt collection tactics in the AE case: The top of the letter contains an address, but no company name. In small type at the … [Read more...]