Foreclosure Process Inside Story. Attorney Evan Rosen: Why Banks are Slow to Foreclose.

Foreclosure process - the inside story.  Why it takes so long for banks to foreclose. The following article was authored and shared with our readers by Florida foreclosure expert, attorney Evan Rosen.  I interviewed Evan on the foreclosure process, specifically: how banks and third-party groups foreclose on homes without proper documents - and ways you can stop them.  Enjoy the audio and Evan … [Read more...]

Social Networking + the Bottom Line: When is Silence the Perfect Water?

Silence has become the most precious commodity on the planet – even above water. Dr. Joyce Starr on With over 250 million tweets a day and a billion Facebook posts, is it a wonder that many 'thought-leaders' can no longer hear themselves think, let alone solve the problems that confront us? How much time do Members of Congress waste tweeting or facebooking - and to what … [Read more...]

Hotel Terrorism – Hotel Security: How to Keep Your Family Safe

Hotel security: Is your family safe? Here's what you need to know. The recent terrorist attack on the Inter-Continental hotel in the Afghanistan is another reminder that hotels must be secure. You're probably thinking that US hotels are quite safe. Don't be so certain. While it's unlikely that a group of terrorists will land on the roof of your hotel, what if they did? What plans, precautions has … [Read more...]

Extreme Couponing. Is it the New Addiction? Couponing Pros & Cons.

Where is the milk?

Extreme Couponing: Pros and Cons. Rights Radio with Dr. Joyce Starr. Show Date: June 8, 2011. We all love coupons -- the prospect of saving money in harsh economic times. But is Extreme Couponing addictive? What are your views? Listen and/or read below. Is there a dividing line between savvy couponing and Extreme Couponing? There's a show about Extreme Couponing on cable. We see … [Read more...]

Why we like the Irish – Barry O’Bama and My Irish Crest

Starr Crest

Full disclosure. I identify with the Irish. I like their spunk, directness and terrific sense of humor. Show Date: May 26, 2011. I even open and close  iTunes versions of this show with Irish music. Undertaking a one-person survey, I asked a close colleague what he thought about the Irish. His response might echo your feelings: "I just like them." Click to Play: My Irish roots. What … [Read more...]

Autism, Alzheimer’s and National Security – Lost Memory of Who We Were

Dr. Joyce Starr asks: How many American minds can we afford to lose? Show Date: May 12, 2011. Click the play button to Listen: America has proven that we're the best. We'll hunt down and eliminate enemies, even if it takes a decade, $1.2 trillion and the loss of our national "treasure" (American soldiers). Isn't it time that we dedicate accelerated resources to the war against … [Read more...]

Rittenhouse Hotel Royal-Tea: Visitors Treated like Royalty in Philadelphia

Rittenhouse VP David Benton & Honorary British Consul General

The Rittenhouse Hotel is at it again: Named #1 Hotel in Philadelphia, #10 in the US, #52 in the World by Travel + Leisure, January 2011, the hotel brings joy to the hearts of guests, down to the tiniest tots. I'm proud to say that I host and produce the Rittenhouse Review, the hotel's very own radio show. (Click the blue box on the Rittenhouse home page that says Listen and Learn about upcoming … [Read more...]