Smile/Laugh Through the Holidays – Especially if You’re Flying


Smile Your Way Through the Holidays w/ Dr. Joyce Starr: Words of wisdom to help you laugh/smile your way through the holidays. Keep reading if you're flying to your destination. The first five are by Jane Seabrook, an illustrator and designer who lives in Auckland, New Zealand. You can't be young forever, but you can be immature for the rest of your life. I would be unstoppable if … [Read more...]

Auto Ads Below the Belt: Telling Kids Their Parents Are Losers

Car Ads Manipulate Children: I did a show a few weeks ago re a Toyota ad for their new Highlander. Show Date: December 18, 2010. I like Toyotas and have owned one. However, I was shocked by this particular ad - which featured a young boy with blond hair - perhaps 10 to 12, but definitely a future stud - describing his parents as losers because they still drive a station wagon. The ad … [Read more...]

Condo Mold – Condo Boards – Condo Neighbors – Condo Insurance

Mold in Condo Kitchen

Dr. Joyce Starr on Mold in Your Condo Kitchen, Bathroom  & Unit. Condo boards, condo managers, condo neighbors, condo insurance. Show Date: December 9, 2010. Condo Shower: I turned off the shower, but the water kept dripping. How could that be? It was a new shower head, tightly installed. I looked up. To my horror, the ceiling looked like a cow's udder - a big sack of water … [Read more...]

Airport Security – Airport Scanners – Ask the Right Questions

Naked Shame

Airport Security - Airport Scanners - Ask the Right Questions with Dr. Joyce Starr. Show Date - November 25, 2010. Breaking CBS News: UCSF biophysics Professor Robert Stroud analyzed data on the backscatter body scanners. The manufacturer claims they are safe. But Stroud said low intensity radiation concentrates in the skin - where it's most damaging and that eyes could also be sensitive to … [Read more...]

American Eagle with Injured Left & Right Wings: A Parable w/ Russell Crowe

An Eagle Named Freedom

American Eagle with Injured Left & Right Wings by Dr. Joyce Starr. Show Date: October 28, 2010. "Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles; they will run and not get tired; they will walk and not become weary." -- Isaiah, 40:31 Poor American Eagle. He flew over a US military base and was caught in a hail of friendly fire. A farmer in … [Read more...]

Wall Street vs Main Street: Greatest Wealth Heist in US History

Greatest Wealth Heist in US History

The stock market was on an upward trajectory from the end of August through mid-October, 2010, with nary a breather. In good times, the rocket ascent might have raised a few eyebrows. In bad economic times - and in advance of the November elections - it's downright suspicious. Join Dr. Joyce Starr on Wall Street vs Main Street. Show Date: October 14, 2010. Listen to the show - read the full post … [Read more...]

Thwarted Hope: When the Mice are Us – The Grand Experiment


Thwarted Hope with Dr. Joyce Starr. Are Americans unwitting players in a grand experiment? When the mice are us. Show Date: September 30, 2010. To help pay for graduate school, I assisted a psychologist who ran experiments with white mice. It wasn't very long before I felt even more upset for these little creatures than for myself. It was a terrible experience. My job was to … [Read more...]