Warning: Is LinkedIn using spyware to harvest private email contacts?

LinkedIn Email Security: It all began when LinkedIn sent an email asking if I knew a certain individual. I was shocked, because there was no public connection between us. Our "private" communications were limited to a half-dozen recent emails about my latest book project. He had a LinkedIn account/profile, but hadn't updated it for over a year. When I told him about the LinkedIn email, " … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Abused Trust – Said, Oh So Sorry – Uncheck the Box

The LinkedIn story is viral, but you may not have seen it. It was uncovered by an avid LinkedIn user. LinkedIn was hijacking user photos and reputations to advertise third-party products. It's a default option hidden under settings. Users could uncheck the box if they knew where to find it - and what it meant. Here are a number of key points from a much longer post by Ungar Cover. Surely you've … [Read more...]

Social Networking + the Bottom Line: When is Silence the Perfect Water?

Silence has become the most precious commodity on the planet – even above water. Dr. Joyce Starr on RightsRadio.com With over 250 million tweets a day and a billion Facebook posts, is it a wonder that many 'thought-leaders' can no longer hear themselves think, let alone solve the problems that confront us? How much time do Members of Congress waste tweeting or facebooking - and to what … [Read more...]