World War III: ISIS at Israel and US Borders


World War III seemed to erupt out of nowhere, yet it had been boiling for the past three years. Leading intelligence services have been tracking ISIS Barbarians in Iraq and Syria for the past three years. Global leaders knew they were slaughtering Christians, minority sects, Shiites and even Sunnis who refused to bow before them. Only we the people were kept in the dark by our government and … [Read more...]

America’s Last Two Greatest Generals – A Report from the Future

Report from the Future: How America won the war that wasn't a war & therefore couldn't be won. Show Date: July 1, 2010 with Dr. Joyce Starr General Stanley McChrystal -  handsome in a craggy way that soldiers respect and women adore - was a brilliant warrior who despised killing. General David Petraeus - looking more like a Harvard professor than a soldier -  favored brains over … [Read more...]

American Security at Risk: Afghan War, North Korea Nuclear Missile Attacks. Can We Win?

Rights Radio Power Hour: Is the Afghanistan war winnable? What power do we really have against North Korea missile launch attacks and nuclear weapons? Dr. Joyce Starr interviews Dr. William Taylor, Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic & International Studies. Show Dates: 9/17/09 & 9/24/09. Elected to the Infantry Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame, Colonel Taylor was director of … [Read more...]

National Security: Dr. Neil Livingstone on Afghanistan, Terrorism, Vital Intelligence

Dr. Joyce Starr interviews national security/anti-terrorism expert Dr. Neil Livingstone on: 1) Withdrawal from Afghanistan - possible scenarios; 2) Prosecution of CIA interrogators by the Obama Administration; and 3) The John Adams Project - revealing the identity of CIA intelligence officers. Show Date: September 10, 2009 Dr. Livingstone is a commentator on terrorism, intelligence, and national … [Read more...]

Miranda Rights for Terrorists: Global Terrorism Expert Neil Livingstone on Rights Radio

Neil Livingstone

Rights Radio Power Hour: Miranda rights for terrorists with Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN global terrorism expert Dr. Neil C. Livingstone - and Dr. Joyce Starr. Show Date: June 18, 2009. How to Listen: Click the streaming audio button below. Bookmark this page. Tell Your friends. Described by former NBC anchor Tom Brokow as "one of this nation's preeminent authorities on terrorism," Dr. … [Read more...]

Star Wars Ballistic Missile Defense: Our National Security Defense Against Rogue Nations

National Security Rights featured on the Rights Radio Self Help Hour. President Ronald Reagan created the Star Wars Program (Strategic Defense Initiative) in 1983. Mike Gamble, former director of Boeing's Ballistic Missile Defense Program, explains what happened to the program. Show Date: March 26, 2009. Rights Radio was ahead of the news! This show aired the very day that North Korea announced … [Read more...]