Hotel Terrorism – Hotel Security: How to Keep Your Family Safe

Hotel security: Is your family safe? Here's what you need to know. The recent terrorist attack on the Inter-Continental hotel in the Afghanistan is another reminder that hotels must be secure. You're probably thinking that US hotels are quite safe. Don't be so certain. While it's unlikely that a group of terrorists will land on the roof of your hotel, what if they did? What plans, precautions has … [Read more...]

Rittenhouse Hotel: Diamond on Philadelphia’s Historic Rittenhouse Square


A guest-friendly hotel to the rescue for weary business travelers, holiday seekers and those who wanted to be treated like they really matter. I can't stand the stagnant air, repetitive furniture and poor service of most hotels. Then I found the Rittenhouse Hotel (, a diamond on Philadelphia's beautiful Rittenhouse Square. On arriving, I received a warm greeting from … [Read more...]

Hotel Security: India Hotel Attacks – Lessons Learned

rittenhouse features hotel security in the aftermath of the hotel attacks in India. What will it take to improve hotel security? TOPIC:  US Hotel Security. Are You Safe? If you're planning a vacation or any type of travel that involves a hotel, don't miss my interview with the Rittenhouse Hotel Vice President and General Manager, David G. Benton. Guest: David G. Benton, Vice President and … [Read more...]