Drug Store Waivers – Alcohol Favors in Residential Areas

Walgreens Pharmacy Drug Store requests city waiver for sale of beer and wine in residential area - with host Dr. Joyce Starr. Show Date: May 6, 2010. Listen to the 7 minute audio below and/or enjoy the full article. Our Topic: Drug Store Waivers & Alcohol Favors Nearly 37 percent of criminal offenders were under the influence of alcohol alone when they committed their crimes, according … [Read more...]

Home Security: How to Prevent Home Invasions, Burglaries and Personal Attacks

Home Security: How to protect your home against burglaries and criminal attacks. Paul Pradines has over twenty-five years experience in Law Enforcement, including twenty years in SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics), twelve years as a SWAT Team Leader and seven years experience as supervisor of the Burglary Strike Force. The Tactical Police unit he headed specializes in covert patrols, … [Read more...]