Supreme Court Ruling on Cell Phone Privacy Vindicates Snowden, Greenwald, The Guardian & Washington Post

The Supreme court rules unanimously on cellphone privacy rights. Warrantless cellphone searches are not permitted under the fourth amendment (in most cases). Via the Guardian: Via Reuters: By Lawrence Hurley … [Read more...]

Daniel Ellsberg & Edward Snowden: Whistleblowers & Heroes in Common

Henry Kissinger called Daniel Ellsberg "the most dangerous man in America." Why? Because "Ellsberg sacrificed a promising Government career to inform the American public that the Vietnam War had been packaged and sold as containment of the Communist threat, when in fact the historical record, as recorded in the Pentagon Papers, illuminated fervent imperial ambition across successive US … [Read more...]

Edward Snowden Pardon Playlist: “You Can’t Slip a Chip into My Brain, NSA”

Snowden Pardon or Prison

Edward Snowden will likely be remembered long after 99 percent of No Such Agency (NSA) leaders and defenders are forgotten. A clean-cut geek risked his freedom to protect our privacy rights. More than 10 folk songs have already been written about Edward Snowden, including: "You Can't Slip a Chip into My Brain, NSA" by Grant William Brad Gerver, and  "Hello, NSA" by Roy Zimmerman. "I know you'll … [Read more...]

Rallying for the Anti-NSA Rally: Early Media Reports 100 people – Turns Out to be Thousands

With NSA director Gen Keith Alexander calling for restrictions on the media, initial reporting on the October 26 Stop Watching Us rally suggested that the rally was a failure. The Guardian report on October 27 provides a more accurate picture. Are the majority of Americans are disinterested, or just plain worried about being caught in the NSA web? If the Stop Watching Us rally is an indication, … [Read more...]

Warning: Is LinkedIn using spyware to harvest private email contacts?

LinkedIn Email Security: It all began when LinkedIn sent an email asking if I knew a certain individual. I was shocked, because there was no public connection between us. Our "private" communications were limited to a half-dozen recent emails about my latest book project. He had a LinkedIn account/profile, but hadn't updated it for over a year. When I told him about the LinkedIn email, " … [Read more...]

Rights Radio Power Hour: Critical Software for Hard Drive Backups


How and When to Backup Your Hard Drives/ External Drives and Prevent the Loss of Critical Data. Novastor CTO Christopher Harvey was my guest on the Rights Radio Self Help Hour on January 22, 2009. Novastor ( is an award-winning global leader in data backup protection software. Only 15 percent of computer users backup their data, and only 15 percent of this wise minority do so in way … [Read more...]