Gun Safety: Second Amendment Wrongs, Children’s Rights vs Weapons of War

Curating a Common Sense Approach to Firearm Safety: The Potentially Curable American Disease. The words come spilling forth. Here's what we have learned in a few short days following the Sandy Hook slaughter of innocents. 1) There will soon be more firearms in America than citizens - 300 million weapons at last count. 2) The United States has the worst record in the industrialized world in … [Read more...]

Colorado Massacre: Red Flag Internet Sales of Massive Ammo – Warn local police!

Ammunition Warnings: While everyone is talking gun laws to death - literally - the US Government is apparently turning a blind eye to staggering online sales of ammunition. Don't you find it odd that the police were able to report, in only a few hours, exactly how much ammunition the Colorado killer purchased over the Internet and through other sources?  They have him down to the last … [Read more...]