Edward Snowden Pardon Playlist: “You Can’t Slip a Chip into My Brain, NSA”

Snowden Pardon or Prison

Edward Snowden will likely be remembered long after 99 percent of No Such Agency (NSA) leaders and defenders are forgotten. A clean-cut geek risked his freedom to protect our privacy rights. More than 10 folk songs have already been written about Edward Snowden, including: "You Can't Slip a Chip into My Brain, NSA" by Grant William Brad Gerver, and  "Hello, NSA" by Roy Zimmerman. "I know you'll … [Read more...]

Rallying for the Anti-NSA Rally: Early Media Reports 100 people – Turns Out to be Thousands

With NSA director Gen Keith Alexander calling for restrictions on the media, initial reporting on the October 26 Stop Watching Us rally suggested that the rally was a failure. The Guardian report on October 27 provides a more accurate picture. Are the majority of Americans are disinterested, or just plain worried about being caught in the NSA web? If the Stop Watching Us rally is an indication, … [Read more...]

Patriots & Whistleblower Edward Snowden – Lon Snowdon Letter

Lon Snowden, the father of whistleblower Edward Snowden, wrote an open letter to his son, in collaboration with attorney Bruce Fein. The letter was submitted to the Associated Press and reprinted in the Guardian on July 2, 2013. As regards your reduction to de facto statelessness occasioned by the Executive Branch to penalize your alleged violations of the Espionage Act, the United States … [Read more...]

Gun Safety: Second Amendment Wrongs, Children’s Rights vs Weapons of War

Curating a Common Sense Approach to Firearm Safety: The Potentially Curable American Disease. The words come spilling forth. Here's what we have learned in a few short days following the Sandy Hook slaughter of innocents. 1) There will soon be more firearms in America than citizens - 300 million weapons at last count. 2) The United States has the worst record in the industrialized world in … [Read more...]

One Storm Away From Rockaway – When Disaster Help Doesn’t Arrive

Disaster Non-Relief. Destroying the Spirit of America. When hope and possibility vanish. ... it is worth recalling that America, alone among nations, is an idea; and that idea dies when hope and possibility disappear. - Roger Cohen No Heat Till Christmas? Fema says, "Call 911." http://nyti.ms/Z1g583 We are all one storm away from Rockaway, Staten Island and the devastated shores of New … [Read more...]

Obama’s Positive Support for Israel Speaks Volumes: Substance Behind the Scenes

Israel's Coastline - Achziv

President Obama's critical support for Israel was implemented behind the scenes - far from public speeches. His quiet (close to the vest) diplomacy has been seriously underestimated. On October 18, 2012, we learned that US troops arrived in Israel for the largest joint missile defense exercise ever undertaken. Graham T. Allison Jr, director of the Belfer Center for Science and International … [Read more...]

Colorado Massacre: Red Flag Internet Sales of Massive Ammo – Warn local police!

Ammunition Warnings: While everyone is talking gun laws to death - literally - the US Government is apparently turning a blind eye to staggering online sales of ammunition. Don't you find it odd that the police were able to report, in only a few hours, exactly how much ammunition the Colorado killer purchased over the Internet and through other sources?  They have him down to the last … [Read more...]