Tax Tea Parties: Trends Expert Gerald Celente Predicts Obamageddon & Greatest Depression

Tax Tea Parties: Trends Research Forecaster Gerald Celente predicts that Uncle (Sam) Obama is leading the United States into a Bailout Bubble, national tax revolts and the Greatest Depression. Gerald Celente: The Mother of All Bubbles is about to explode. Econo-jargon presidency supported and protected by pandering media. "The biggest financial bubble in history is being inflated in plain … [Read more...]

Tax Day Tea Party Syndrome by Tax Mama Eva Rosenberg

Tax Day Tea Party Syndrome: Guest Column by Tax Mama Eva Rosenberg. Tax Mama declares, "Americans are revolting. And I'm proud of it." Rights Radio endorses Eva Rosenberg's point of view. Let the party begin. Americans spend over 28% of their year just working to pay a variety of taxes. (Tax Freedom Day was April 13th in 2009.) The Internal Revenue Code in 2005 stood at 7 million words in 736 … [Read more...]

Tax Tea Party Protests: Tax Mama on Flat Tax + Government Spending

Tax Tea Party Protests: The Rights Radio Self Help Hour welcomes back Tax Mama Eva Rosenberg. Tax Tea Parties groups hope to pressure both Congress and states to reject government spending as a way out of recession and to fix the tax code. What results can we expect re a flat tax and a response to protest demands? Show Date: April 16, 2009. A nationwide protest is scheduled for April 15, the … [Read more...]