Condo Association Rights Seminar – North Miami Beach

Announcement: I am co-hosting a Condo Association Rights seminar with condo financial management expert Chayim Kessler, CPA, PA re "How Recent Amendments to the Florida Condominium Act Affect Florida Condo Association & Condo Owner Rights." Governor Charlie Crist signed House Bill 995 on On May 1, 2008 and it went into effect on October 1, 2008. This bill amends various provisions of the … [Read more...]

Your Homeowners Association Rights: Condo Rights & HOA Rights


Dr. Joyce Starr - Your Condo Coach - HOA Coach. Homeowners Association Rights: Condo Association Rights & HOA Rights -Florida Condo Act FS 718 - Florida Law H 995. Do you have a condo rights problem. Contact Dr. Joyce Starr - Condo Coach - HOA Coach at 786.693.4223 or visit for condo rights and HOA rights books and special reports. : Important changes to Florida … [Read more...]

Florida Condo Act as National Model

New protections against Florida condo association manager (CAM) scams, condo board abuse, condo board denial of records, condo board embezzlement, fraud & more. Featured Rights Radio Guest: Florida State Representative Julio Robaina - July 2, 2008 Program Highlights: New regulations against condo association managers (CAMS); Civil penalty for knowingly or intentionally failing to … [Read more...]

Florida Condo Owners Association Rights Legislation

Topic: 2008 Florida legislation further protects condo owner association rights - Changes to Florida Condo Act FS 718 herald enhanced association safeguards for condo dwellers. Show date: July 2, 2008. The State of Florida passed legislation in 2008 that further protects condo owner rights. Our featured guest spearheaded this legislation. He's at the forefront of the homeowner rights consumer … [Read more...]