Can Condo Boards Charge Fees to Owners Who Rent Their Units if Bylaws are Silent?

We receive frequent questions from condo owners and homeowners association members. Personal conflicts with condo boards and/or neighbors are dealt with through our private consultation service. We respond to generic questions when time allows, as per the condo rental fee and condo zoning issues raised below. QUESTION: Our Florida condo association board is trying to charge access fees ($100 per … [Read more...]

Condo Fees, Condo Assessments: HOA/Condo Rules and Your Rights

Condo and HOA rules on homeowners association fees & homeowners association assessments. Who controls condo/HOA financial decisions? I receive weekly questions from condo association and HOA members regarding condo rules, condo fees and condo assessments. These questions are answered in detail in our Homeowners Association Defense Kit or in specific special reports offered on … [Read more...]