Smoking Ban in Condominiums: How to Ban Smoking Inside Condo Units

condo smoking ban

How to Convince Neighbors to Stop Smoking "This book is truly a breath of fresh air for all who suffer from second hand smoke in condominiums and homeowners associations. It’s the perfect guide for condo owners who desire a smoke free environment." - Rita Zemlock, president, Group Against Smokers Pollution (GASP), Florida Do you long for a smoke free condominium? Do you wish you could convince … [Read more...]

Condo Security Guards: Your Rights – Their Responsibilities


Condo Security Guards: What are the duties and obligations of security guards?  What can an owner in distress expect?  What exactly are condo owners and HOA members paying for? I wrote the following letter to our property manager following an incident with our condo security company.  The security company owner apologized and the guard in question was removed from our property.  Both the property … [Read more...]

Condo Health – Clean Indoor Air – No Smoking Inside Your Unit

Non-smoker Rights eBook by Dr. Joyce Starr

Condo health: Our condo Board asked me to draft a bulletin emphasizing our commitment to a healthy environment. Non-smoker Rights eBookThe real objective was to stop owners from smoking inside their units, but without directly attacking smokers. I opened the bulletin with "cooking" and closed it with "food." Perhaps you could use a similar document in your condo. Feel free to share it with your … [Read more...]

HOA Boards Out of Control – Foreclosures, liens, abuse.

HOA/COA/CID: Fining, assessing, FORECLOSING (legal, or not). Billie Branam sent the following letter re out of control HOA Boards to the media and legislators in North Carolina. And it get's worse! A slew of companies have popped up offering to help boards impose liens on condo & HOA owners  for nearly any reason. A condo board/HOA board member can destroy a neighbor's life in a few hours - … [Read more...]

Condo Elections – Policies, Procedures or Lack Thereof (Fraud)

Condo Board Election Procedures, Fraud

Condo Elections: Rights Radio contributor and architect Daniel Baschkier wrote the following letter to the Board of Directors of the "Mystical" Condo, Inc., (yes, a real condo, but by a slightly different name). He learned that the condo's election procedures were also quite mystical. Please refer to  condo election expert Valmore Lucier's Condo Board Election Revolt. His anecdotes re condo … [Read more...]

European Condo System vs American Condo System: No Condo Boards to Ruin Your Life


Condo rights advocates Dr. Joyce Starr & Jan Bergemann - President of Cyber Citizens for Justice (CCFJ.Net) - discuss striking differences between the European and US condo systems. According to Bergemann, European countries do not have condo associations, condo boards or condo strife. He contends that the US condo association system is just another form of communism. If you're fighting … [Read more...]

Can Condo Boards Charge Fees to Owners Who Rent Their Units if Bylaws are Silent?

We receive frequent questions from condo owners and homeowners association members. Personal conflicts with condo boards and/or neighbors are dealt with through our private consultation service. We respond to generic questions when time allows, as per the condo rental fee and condo zoning issues raised below. QUESTION: Our Florida condo association board is trying to charge access fees ($100 per … [Read more...]