Mortgage Fallout and Fraud


Credit Guru Joe Stallard offers a Guest Column on "Mortgage Fallout & Fraud" Joe appeared on Rights Radio on July 16, 2008. STARR Publications was pleased to publish his ebook: How to Repair Your Credit Report Mortgage Fallout & Fraud: Predatory lending, greed & panic in the financial markets by Joe Stallard, Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re … [Read more...]

Save Money on Mortgage Refinancing. Listen to this Rights show.

Mortgage expert reveals how some mortgage holders have saved over a hundred thousand dollars in mortgage refinancing. He also offers insider info on liens and foreclosures. Listen to Dr. Joyce Starr's interview with mortgage expert Jack Debrawa - June 18, 2008. Program highlights: How mortgage short-selling and mortgage short refinancing can prevent major losses. Why purchasing property … [Read more...]

Foreclosure & Mortgage Crisis: How to Stop the foreclosure process

Topic: How to stop the foreclosure process. How to obtain a new mortgage at the best price. There are over 2100 foreclosures daily across America. Who is responsible for this crisis? What if you're unable to make your mortgage payments on time? What if you can't pay your condo or HOA fees or assessments on time? What is mortgage "short-selling" and mortgage "short" refinancing? How … [Read more...]