Foreclosure Process Inside Story. Attorney Evan Rosen: Why Banks are Slow to Foreclose.

Foreclosure process - the inside story.  Why it takes so long for banks to foreclose. The following article was authored and shared with our readers by Florida foreclosure expert, attorney Evan Rosen.  I interviewed Evan on the foreclosure process, specifically: how banks and third-party groups foreclose on homes without proper documents - and ways you can stop them.  Enjoy the audio and Evan … [Read more...]

Rights Radio Self Help Hour: How to Lose Your Home for $400 or Less


How a missed $400 homeowners association dues payment escalated into foreclosure and eviction in Texas. Homeowners association rights and wrongs with authors Dr. Joyce Starr and Dr. David Goldenberg. A homeowner based in Texas missed a $400 payment to his homeowners association - which soon mushroomed into an additional $3000/plus in legal fees and interest, foreclosure and finally, … [Read more...]

Economic Revival Strategies: How & When

Dr. David I. Goldenberg features leading economist Dr. David I. Goldenberg on "The Coming Economic Revival: How & When." Listen to my interview with Dr. Goldenberg LIVE on November 19, 2008 at 5:00 PM EST. Dr. Goldenberg authored Creating Condo & Home Owner Documents, one of the three books in our Homeowners Association Rights Defense Kit, along with our special report, … [Read more...]

Your Homeowners Association Rights: Condo Rights & HOA Rights


Dr. Joyce Starr - Your Condo Coach - HOA Coach. Homeowners Association Rights: Condo Association Rights & HOA Rights -Florida Condo Act FS 718 - Florida Law H 995. Do you have a condo rights problem. Contact Dr. Joyce Starr - Condo Coach - HOA Coach at 786.693.4223 or visit for condo rights and HOA rights books and special reports. : Important changes to Florida … [Read more...]

Florida Condo Act as National Model

New protections against Florida condo association manager (CAM) scams, condo board abuse, condo board denial of records, condo board embezzlement, fraud & more. Featured Rights Radio Guest: Florida State Representative Julio Robaina - July 2, 2008 Program Highlights: New regulations against condo association managers (CAMS); Civil penalty for knowingly or intentionally failing to … [Read more...]

Save Money on Mortgage Refinancing. Listen to this Rights show.

Mortgage expert reveals how some mortgage holders have saved over a hundred thousand dollars in mortgage refinancing. He also offers insider info on liens and foreclosures. Listen to Dr. Joyce Starr's interview with mortgage expert Jack Debrawa - June 18, 2008. Program highlights: How mortgage short-selling and mortgage short refinancing can prevent major losses. Why purchasing property … [Read more...]