How to Hug a Porcupine: Dealing with Toxic People

How to Hug a Porcupine: Dealing with Toxic People

Negative Energy - Toxic People - You Know the Type. Let's make one joint resolution for 2012.  We won't let toxic people - persistently negative personalities - dictate our lives. I chanced on a book that can't be judged by the black border that swallows the cover...or the year it was first published (1999). The content is more current than the evening news. Stop suffering! Here's the link to … [Read more...]

Women Abuse – Abusing Younger Women – Gagster from the Gutter: Dads with Guts; Please Stand Up!

When will real dads, dads with guts, finally stand up against the horrible abuse of women on national television? A gagster turns gangster by shooting verbal bullets at mothers and daughters, and the majority of fathers - let alone mothers - are silent. Let me understand the convoluted logic. In other words, it's OK to attack Sarah Palin and her teenage daughter if it lifts ratings? Or because … [Read more...]

Surviving Childhood Trauma: Family Abuse is a Backstory – How Do You Move On?

Surviving Childhood Trauma

Surviving childhood trauma and abuse - how do you move on? Our guest not only survived, but overcame childhood trauma steeped in an abusive family situation - on a path to an MBA and a happy family of her own. Listen to Dr. Joyce Starr's interview with Karen Flyer on the Rights Radio Self-Help Hour. Date: June 11, 2009. The show will air on our Self Help Hour page at 5:30 pm. Bookmark this page … [Read more...]

Toxic People Toxic Stress Series

energy addiction

Rights - Dr. Joyce STARR Publishing Launches Toxic People/Toxic Stress Series. Toxic People: How to recognize them, how to avoid them and how to deal with their toxic energy. Stay tuned for our special reports on toxic clients and bosses, toxic homeowners association board members and toxic energy addicts (why toxic people want to make you sick). Our Guest: Christmas Miller, author … [Read more...]