Seeking Safe Harbor – Your Life’s Journey, Life Quest by V. Hector Rodriguez

Safe Harbor echoes the values of a vanishing generation - an era when cause and purpose were more important than money. An inspirational poem by Victor Hector Rodriguez (Washington, D.C.) on the universal quest for heroic challenges, feats, answers Show Date: March 17, 2011. "A great poem [poet] can move you, shake you and remind you what it is to be human." ~ Oprah Victor Hector … [Read more...]

Digital Publishing for Authors: How to Publish on e-Readers. We offer solutions.

The Skiff eReader

Some believe that 2010 marks the launch of a new digital publishing age. Starr Publishing provides a digital publishing and digital education platform: Author coaching services at Gantz & Starr and digital publishing education/production at Rights University. Show Date: January 7, 2009. How to publish on the Amazon Kindle and new e-readers? Amazon announced that eBooks outsold … [Read more...]

Women Abuse – Abusing Younger Women – Gagster from the Gutter: Dads with Guts; Please Stand Up!

When will real dads, dads with guts, finally stand up against the horrible abuse of women on national television? A gagster turns gangster by shooting verbal bullets at mothers and daughters, and the majority of fathers - let alone mothers - are silent. Let me understand the convoluted logic. In other words, it's OK to attack Sarah Palin and her teenage daughter if it lifts ratings? Or because … [Read more...]

Surviving Childhood Trauma: Family Abuse is a Backstory – How Do You Move On?

Surviving Childhood Trauma

Surviving childhood trauma and abuse - how do you move on? Our guest not only survived, but overcame childhood trauma steeped in an abusive family situation - on a path to an MBA and a happy family of her own. Listen to Dr. Joyce Starr's interview with Karen Flyer on the Rights Radio Self-Help Hour. Date: June 11, 2009. The show will air on our Self Help Hour page at 5:30 pm. Bookmark this page … [Read more...]

Bible on Water: Bible Verses Meditation App Available in the iTunes Store

Bible on Water: Bible water verses for parched times. Announcing the Starr Publishing Bible Scriptures App developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can find our apps in  iTunes Store. Spiritual rights are just as important as the daily fight to defend and protect our personal rights. If we lose our spirit in the process - if we allow our spirit to be trampled by bullies and toxic people - … [Read more...]