Horses as Weapons: Horse Bomb Attack. Evil, Vile, Soulless Humans Dynamite Horses

Only the most vile, evil people on earth could use defenseless horses as weapons.  Look no further than the Al-Qaeda cells operating in the Gaza Strip. According to the BBC, "The Israeli military said its forces returned fire at a group including a few men wearing explosive vests and five horses loaded with explosives." Israel managed to thwart the attack, but at least one horse was reportedly … [Read more...]

Natural Horsemanship

Communicating with Horses TOPIC (June 4, 2008): Natural horsemanship - the communicative and spiritual side of man's relationship with horses. Our guest shares revelations about today's horse training environment (including the increasing number of race horse injuries). Guest: Chris Gilman, Managing Partner, the Ulster GS Equestrian Training Facility. Chris specializes in training show … [Read more...]