Horses as Weapons: Horse Bomb Attack. Evil, Vile, Soulless Humans Dynamite Horses

Only the most vile, evil people on earth could use defenseless horses as weapons.  Look no further than the Al-Qaeda cells operating in the Gaza Strip. According to the BBC, "The Israeli military said its forces returned fire at a group including a few men wearing explosive vests and five horses loaded with explosives." Israel managed to thwart the attack, but at least one horse was reportedly … [Read more...]

Genetically Modifed Food Risks for Humans & Pets: How to Make Informed Decisions

Pet Food Security

The Self-Help-Hour features genetically modified (GM) food risks to humans and pets. Dr. Joyce Starr interviews author Stephen Becker, a dedicated critic of GM foods. Show Date: May 28, 2009 Super "Natural" Vitality for Pets: What every pet owner MUST know about natural nutrition for their pets. The author reveals what many pharmaceutical and pet food industry "gurus" don't … [Read more...]

Dr. Joyce Starr: How to Look after Your Pet in a Recession.


My guest is Marc Abraham, award-winning British veterinary surgeon. Show date: February 11, 2009 at 5:00 pm EST on the Rights Radio Power Hour. Marc Abraham is passionate about pets - as well as all aspects of the pet industry - especially value-for-money, customer service and businesses that pride themselves on putting your pet first, not profit. Where/When/How: This show aired live on … [Read more...]

Rights Features the Houston SPCA (Cable TV’s Animal Planet – Animal Cops Houston)

Houston SPCA

We are pleased to offer a full hour discussion with leading experts of the Houston SPCA (Society for the Protection of Cruelty Against Animals). Topic: Voice of the Voiceless & Defender for All Animals - a panel discussion with leading experts of the Houston SPCA, including the vice president of Shelter Services, a leading veterinarian, manager of the Wildlife Education and Rehab Center and … [Read more...]

Pet Food False Advertising Lawsuit – Content of Commercial Pet Foods

Rights Radio - Features the Lead Attorney in the National Pet Food False Advertising Lawsuit. This law suit seeks class certification of a nationwide class of people from all states. Topic: A nationwide class action lawsuit was launched in 2007 against leading pet food manufacturers and distributors for negligent and intentional misleading of the public about the actual … [Read more...]