Healthy Home – Are You Living in a Healthy Home?

Home health expert, geobiologist and former building contractor Faith Ranoli appeared on Rights Radio on October 22, 2008. Interest was so high that I asked Faith to submit a Guest Column. Are You Living in a Healthy Home? Thoughts from Holistic Home Inspector Faith Ranoli ( Many of us spend our hard earned money and our valuable time with alternative health care in hopes … [Read more...]

Holistic Home Inspection


Can holistic home inspection help you buy and sell property? Topic: How to create a home environment that can help you buy and sell property more quickly. Guest: Faith Ranoli Ph.D, author, radio host, Geobiologist and Earth Acupuncturist. She's one of the few Holistic Home Inspectors in the United States. Faith believes that everything is connected, energetically. Electro-magnetic … [Read more...]