What Do Tiger Woods & Senate Democrats Have in Common?

Can't Wait to Bid You Goodbye

What do Tiger Woods & Senate Democrats Have in Common? They're both prepared to risk ALL for secret sweetheart relationships, even if it means losing the respect of their true partners. The Senate health care vote was one of the saddest events since 911.  At least half of the voting public was officially abandoned by the ship of state. Their voices weren't silenced. They were simply … [Read more...]

Townhall Protests + Obama Health Care + Congress = Pandora’s Box: Citizens vs Congress.


Rights Radio w/ Dr. Joyce Starr: Have Townhall Protests Over ObamaCare Opened Pandora's Box re Citizens vs Congress? Are the toughest questions only an election away? Show Date: August 13, 2009. Members of Congress, as we pointed out previously, receive their income for life - no matter how many or few years they serve - and the best healthcare your money cannot buy. Yet, the citizens have no … [Read more...]

Obamacare: Will Senior Citizens be Safe or Sorry With Government Mandated Healthcare? Valid Solution or www.Healthcare.con?

Economic Stimulus Stumbles

Is Obamacare a Solution or Threat for Senior Citizens? Dr. Joyce Starr & Dr. Lawrence Hunter discuss government-run national health care on the Rights Radio Self Help Hour. Show Date: July 16, 2009. The President and Congress are vaulting toward...national health care. Dr. Lawrence Hunter, founder and president of the SocialSecurityInstitute.com and PatientOptOut.com warns that you will not … [Read more...]

Obamacare: Amends Internal Revenue Code: Tax Penalty Without Qualifying Health Insurance

Best Healthcare Statistics

Obamacare legislation amends the Internal Revenue Code to apply a tax penalty for individuals who cannot prove that they are covered by qualifying health insurance. It also establishes a Medical Advisory Council to determine the "amount, duration, and scope" of the items and services that must be included as "essential health care benefits" in a plan that qualifies for subsidies. The … [Read more...]