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Mold in Condo Kitchen

Dr. Joyce Starr on Mold in Your Condo Kitchen, Bathroom  & Unit. Condo boards, condo managers, condo neighbors, condo insurance. Show Date: December 9, 2010. Condo Shower: I turned off the shower, but the water kept dripping. How could that be? It was a new shower head, tightly installed. I looked up. To my horror, the ceiling looked like a cow's udder - a big sack of water … [Read more...]

Why Home Air-Conditioning & Heating Filters Make You Sick. Alternative: Washable Filters.

Dr Air Care

Washable Home Air-Conditioning Filters: Dr. Joyce Starr interviews David Dorfman, aka Dr. Air Care. He hopes to save your skin - along with your lungs and pets. A former home builder, Dorfman is on a mission: to educate the public about the dangers of home air-conditioning filters + heating filters. Rights Radio Show Date: May 20, 2010. Do you change your air-conditioning and heating filters on … [Read more...]

Home Air Purifiers: Allergies, Odors, Mold, Tobacco Smoke

clean home air for kids

Home Air Purification. It's not easy to find the right machine. I've purchased a variety of machines and threw most of them away. None were able to effectively counter mold or other serious toxins. I spoke with air purifying experts across the country, but most represented a single brand. Others offered air filter "review sites" - but couldn't be reached by phone or never returned my call.  Oddly … [Read more...]