H&M Decibel Abuse: Employees & Female Visitors Subjected to Painfully Loud Background Music

H&M clothing is modestly priced, but is the price worth the pain? Employee and visitor complaints about loud music fall on deaf ears. I spoke with a half-dozen employees. Several revealed that H&M receives more than a dozen complaints weekly from visitors to the women's department about decibel abuse. H&M apparently believes that young women are stimulated to make large purchase as a … [Read more...]

Smoking Ban in Condominiums: How to Ban Smoking Inside Condo Units

condo smoking ban

How to Convince Neighbors to Stop Smoking "This book is truly a breath of fresh air for all who suffer from second hand smoke in condominiums and homeowners associations. It’s the perfect guide for condo owners who desire a smoke free environment." - Rita Zemlock, president, Group Against Smokers Pollution (GASP), Florida Do you long for a smoke free condominium? Do you wish you could convince … [Read more...]

Wounded Knee: Which Doctor Do You Call When Your Knee Hurts?

Knee pain or injury

Knee Pain? When you're knee(s) hurt, where do you turn?  - Guest post by Angie Picardo. A knee injury can make you feel a hundred years old, even if you’re only twenty-five. Grounded. Stopped in your tracks. It takes an emotional toll. You watch your days of carefree jogging flash by in the review mirror. Skiing is a distant memory. Tennis looks iffy. You shelve your stilettos in favor of … [Read more...]

Attention Women: Her Doctor Failed to Inform Her that She Was Cancer Free

True Story - Breast Cancer Scare: She received the news that every woman dreads. Her digital mammogram was clean, but the ultrasound identified a small, suspicious dark area. A local biopsy was performed. She departed from the office with a report stating that she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.  An invasive biopsy was recommended. Her doctor - a member of a respected practice … [Read more...]

Food Insecurity: Rusty Grocery Shopping Carts Endanger Your Food, Health & Children

Rusty Shopping Carts - Danger to Your Food and Health

Rusty Grocery Shopping Carts: How safe is your food? Here's looking at you Publix. Rusty grocery shopping carts endanger your food and health - along with children who sit in the carts and touch the rusty edges. I recently grabbed a cart at Publix, only to find a jagged, rusty piece of the handle sticking into my palm. I called over the manager on duty - Jorge, the assistant grocery manager - … [Read more...]

How to Hug a Porcupine: Dealing with Toxic People

How to Hug a Porcupine: Dealing with Toxic People

Negative Energy - Toxic People - You Know the Type. Let's make one joint resolution for 2012.  We won't let toxic people - persistently negative personalities - dictate our lives. I chanced on a book that can't be judged by the black border that swallows the cover...or the year it was first published (1999). The content is more current than the evening news. Stop suffering! Here's the link to … [Read more...]

Airport Scanners – European Commission Bans US Backscatter Scanners – Cancer Risks

We warned you months ago about new airport backscatter body scanners being forced on the American public.  Now the European Commission has banned them at ALL European airports - though the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) hopes you won't pay attention. According to the Sun-Sentinel. Europeans ban US body scanners. The controversy over airport body scanners – and how safe they are – … [Read more...]