Fed Prints Profits – USG Faces Insolvency – Homeowner Mortgages Under Water

underwater mortgages

Rights Radio: Printing Money to Ease Their Pain w/ Dr. Joyce Starr. News that the Federal Reserve Bank turned an $82 billion profit by investing money it prints - and then claiming pure profit on such investments - made Wall Street giddy. Show Date: March 31, 2011. To be accurate, the Fed doesn't physically print the money. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 authorizes the Fed to direct the … [Read more...]

Credit Report “How to” + Backstory: Explaining Your Negative Credit Score

Is the finance manager be your advocate?

RightsRadio.com: Credit Report + How to + Your Backstory: Most people assume that banks and auto lenders don't care about your credit report "backstory" - reason(s) for your low score. My guest, credit report expert Joe Stallard, explains why and when they do. Show Date: February 17, 2011. Joe shares a story about a client who lost several rental homes and cars due to a case of mistaken identity … [Read more...]

Mortgage Modification – How Banks Take Homeowners for a Ride

Mortgage Mortification

Mortgage Modification. More like Mortgage Mortification. Here's a true story. My friend Sue lost her primary source of income in early 2009 with one day's notice. That's when she decided to apply for mortgage modification assistance through her bank - Wells Fargo/Wachovia. Show Date: June 17, 2010 w/ Dr. Joyce Starr. Enjoy the show and/or continue reading below: The key criteria for … [Read more...]

Upside Down in Your Mortgage? Cons & Pros in Walking Away, Mailing Keys to Your Bank – 5 Million Under Water.

Hanging on to an upside down mortgage.

Upside-Down Mortgage. Over 5 million people own a home whose value is below 75 percent of what is owed. Dr. Joyce Starr asks: What are the cons and pros in walking away from your mortgage? Should you allow your property to be foreclosed, mail your keys to the bank - or not? Show Date: February 9, 2009. "It would cost about $745 billion, slightly more than the size of the original 2008 bank … [Read more...]

Mortgage Refinancing Delays, Frustrations, Rejections: Rights Radio Visitors Speak Out

Carriage Home of the Future

Mortgage Refinance Horror Stories: Rights Radio honors American homeowners who have hit a wall of mortgage refinancing delays, frustrations and rejections. Show Date: November 25, 2009. Paperwork that should have been completed in weeks can take months - assuming the refinance papers aren't lost, the person in charge hasn't been fired and/or the bank doesn't drown the homeowner in an ocean of new … [Read more...]

Mortgage Refinancing Nightmares: Bank of America. Villa Appalling.

Mortgage refinancing and mortgage financing nightmares courtesy of Bank of America. Does it get more appalling? These mortgage horror stories were recounted on Consumer Affairs. Julius of San Diego CA (04/03/09) I live in San Diego, but do not own a home here. I wanted to purchase a home in Tennessee. I went online and started the BOA No Fee Mortgage process. A BOA representative called me, … [Read more...]

Mortgage Fallout and Fraud


Credit Guru Joe Stallard offers a Guest Column on "Mortgage Fallout & Fraud" Joe appeared on Rights Radio on July 16, 2008. STARR Publications was pleased to publish his ebook: How to Repair Your Credit Report Mortgage Fallout & Fraud: Predatory lending, greed & panic in the financial markets by Joe Stallard, FreshStartIndy.net Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re … [Read more...]