Fear Economy for the Ruling Class: Is the Tipping Point Near?

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Paul Krugman hits a nerve with his NYT op-ed, "The Fear Economy," (December 26, 2013). The following day, the S&P, DOW & NASDAQ reached new highs, performing in 2013 like Internet stocks from the late 1990s. The Federal Reserve brags on its website that Americans accumulated over 77 trillion in assets by 2013, (largely controlled by the 0.1 percent.) Have we reached the tipping point? In … [Read more...]

Fed Prints Profits – USG Faces Insolvency – Homeowner Mortgages Under Water

underwater mortgages

Rights Radio: Printing Money to Ease Their Pain w/ Dr. Joyce Starr. News that the Federal Reserve Bank turned an $82 billion profit by investing money it prints - and then claiming pure profit on such investments - made Wall Street giddy. Show Date: March 31, 2011. To be accurate, the Fed doesn't physically print the money. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 authorizes the Fed to direct the … [Read more...]