Dealing with Deadbeat Employers – Deadbeat Bullies. How to Get Paid.

Dealing with Deabeat Employer Bullies

Deadbeat Employer Bullies - Deadbeat Clients. How to get the money they owe you. Dr. Joyce Starr on - September 2, 2010. What happened to Emily could happen to you. Emily is a 40-something professional with an outstanding resume. Unfortunately, the company she worked for on contract went belly-up twice in one year. Listen to the show and/or read more below. The first … [Read more...]

Rights Radio Honors Women in Nuclear Medicine – Nuclear Technology

nuclear scanner

Rights Radio host Dr. Joyce Starr interviews nuclear technologist Kathleen H. Murphy, MS, CNMT, NCT, RTN, FSNMTS. Show Date: March 25, 2010 Kathleen Murphy began her career as staff technologist in the Nuclear Cardiology Department at Yale-New Haven Hospital. She remained at Yale for 11 years, working in a variety of positions: research technologist, assistant chief technologist, clinical … [Read more...]

Advice for Aspiring Authors: Literary Agent Karen Gantz & Dr. Joyce Starr

Superchefs by Karen Gantz Zahler

Dr. Joyce Starr interviews Karen Gantz, a highly sought after New York literary agent and literary property lawyer. Recent clients include Alec Baldwin and Kathleen Turner. Karen negotiates publishing agreements, option agreements, movie and entertainment deals, and deals with all aspects of the publishing field. She specializes in non-fiction works. Rights Radio Show Date: October 28, … [Read more...]

Gerald Walpin & Age Discrimination Cases: First Shots “Fired” at Boomers & Older Workers?

Gerald Walpin

Rights Radio features Gerald Walpin & Age Discrimination: The White House claimed that Inspector General Gerald Walpin was "confused, disoriented and unable to answer questions." Were these the first shots "fired" against Boomers and older workers? If you want to force a Boomer (or his/her older sibling) out of a job, just insinuate senility? Show Date: June 25, 2009. 630,000 workers aged … [Read more...]