American Express Credit Fraud Alert – Phony Debt Collection on Behalf of American Express

A reader sent us the following debt fraud alert: A company with no name is sending out delinquent debt collection letters allegedly on behalf of American Express. If receive a debt validation letter, please read the fine print on both the stationary and envelope! Debt collection tactics in the AE case: The top of the letter contains an address, but no company name. In small type at the … [Read more...]

Credit Report “How to” + Backstory: Explaining Your Negative Credit Score

Is the finance manager be your advocate? Credit Report + How to + Your Backstory: Most people assume that banks and auto lenders don't care about your credit report "backstory" - reason(s) for your low score. My guest, credit report expert Joe Stallard, explains why and when they do. Show Date: February 17, 2011. Joe shares a story about a client who lost several rental homes and cars due to a case of mistaken identity … [Read more...]

How to Repair Your Credit Score. Listen to this show for answers.

Credit expert Joe Stallard reveals what you must know in order to repair your credit score and how you could be forced into home foreclosure after filing for bankruptcy. Highlights: How many years does a negative item remain? Can credit card companies deny a favorable rating even when overdue bills are paid? What if derogatory items are not removed? Isn’t it more difficult today to file … [Read more...]

Credit Guru Joe Stallard: How to Repair Your Credit


Rights features credit guru Joe Stallard: Lifting the shroud of secrecy on credit issues, credit repair, credit bureaus and how you can raise your credit score. Following a career spanning some 15 years in financial services, Joe Stallard has gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the credit and finance industry. His experience includes both the auto industry, where he … [Read more...]