Credit Report “How to” + Backstory: Explaining Your Negative Credit Score

Is the finance manager be your advocate? Credit Report + How to + Your Backstory: Most people assume that banks and auto lenders don't care about your credit report "backstory" - reason(s) for your low score. My guest, credit report expert Joe Stallard, explains why and when they do. Show Date: February 17, 2011. Joe shares a story about a client who lost several rental homes and cars due to a case of mistaken identity … [Read more...]

Auto Ads Below the Belt: Telling Kids Their Parents Are Losers

Car Ads Manipulate Children: I did a show a few weeks ago re a Toyota ad for their new Highlander. Show Date: December 18, 2010. I like Toyotas and have owned one. However, I was shocked by this particular ad - which featured a young boy with blond hair - perhaps 10 to 12, but definitely a future stud - describing his parents as losers because they still drive a station wagon. The ad … [Read more...]

How to Obtain Auto Financing after Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

Pre-Owned and Proud of It

Welcome to I'm Dr. Joyce Starr, and my guest is our resident expert on auto financing/auto loans, Dora Lee Stallard. Dora Lee is on a mission. "Our auto financing program gives me a chance to reach out to people - to help people feel good about themselves. It's almost like a ministry." Based in Indiana, Dora Lee Stallard is an "angel" auto financing coach for consumers across the … [Read more...]

Auto Loans: Why Good Credit Could Hurt You

The Rights Radio Power Hour features car loan financing: Why and when good credit can hurt you. My guest Dora Lee Stallard, finance manager of a Nissan Dealership and also the director/founder of Show Date: April 8, 2009 Preposterous as it may sound, it's often easier to obtain a car loan if you've been through a bankruptcy than if you have a good credit score. Were you … [Read more...]