“Unbanked” and “Underbanked” – How US Banks Fail to Serve Nearly 60 million Americans

ATM for the Unbanked

"Unbanked" and "Underbanked" - American citizens who lack access to secure banking services. Guest post by John Gower, NerdWallet.com From the piggy bank to federal student loans, banks touch the lives of almost every American. Yet, nearly 60 million Americans lack access to secure banking services and/or do not have a bank account. Minorities and immigrants, in particular, often rely on … [Read more...]

The World Bank: The Bank’s Role in the Global Economy and Why it Matters

World Bank Headquarters

The World Bank is the largest financial backer of international development, particularly of emerging nations.  Guest post by Angie Picardo. A supremely powerful institution, the World Bank is also frequently criticized for its policies, initiatives and operations. Framed with successes and shadowed by missteps, the Bank has generated significant fiscal and social change for countries around … [Read more...]

Bank of America Sued…Again – It’s only the fifth inning according to the New York Times

New York prosecutors sue Bank of America over Bad Loans   On Wednesday, federal prosecutors in New York took aim at Bank of America. They accused it of carrying out a scheme, started by its Countrywide Financial unit, that defrauded government-backed mortgage agencies by churning out loans at a rapid pace without proper controls. In a civil suit, prosecutors seek to collect at least … [Read more...]

Bank Overdrafts: Outrageous Bank Overdraft Fees & Practices – How to Prevent Excessive Overdraft Fees

The Rights Radio Self Help Hour features outrageous bank overdraft fees. Consumers are being raked over the coals by overdraft rates and by the reordering of debits to increase fees. Show Date: April 9, 2009 Rights Radio financial guru Joe Stallard joins me in identifying ways to prevent or reduce exorbitant bank overdraft fees.The streaming replay is available below. The Federal Reserve's … [Read more...]

Removing Unfair Bank Overdraft Charges and Penalty Charges. What You Can Do.

Unfair Bank Charges: He was charged a $35.00 fee twice over a $4.00 overdraft. A commenter asks "What can I do?" when the bank purposely delays posting fees paid. JANUARY, 2010 UPDATE Our posts on 'What you can do about bank overdraft charges.' generated so much interest that I updated them here - including the option for FREE overdraft protection. I overdrew my acct by $4.00. The very next … [Read more...]

West Side Story | Worst Slide Story: How Our World Fell Apart With A Bailout

When you're in debt, you're in debt all the way. They was greedy and seedy and vain, but only little people feel the pain. Your Ira: Is it giving you acute angina? Don't miss this animated cartoon by Newsday's Walt Handelsman. Need a spiritual boost fast? Download our spiritually uplifting app for the iPhone & iPod Touch. Learn how to protect your homeowner rights here. … [Read more...]