Advice for Aspiring Authors: Literary Agent Karen Gantz & Dr. Joyce Starr

Dr. Joyce Starr interviews Karen Gantz, a highly sought after New York literary agent and literary property lawyer. Recent clients include Alec Baldwin and Kathleen Turner. Karen negotiates publishing agreements, option agreements, movie and entertainment deals, and deals with all aspects of the publishing field. She specializes in non-fiction works. Rights Radio Show Date: October 28, 2009.

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Superchefs by Karen Gantz Zahler

Superchefs by Karen Gantz Zahler

Karen Gantz is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Cardozo Law School where she was elected to the Law Review. She’s also written two acclaimed cookbooks, Taste of New York (Addison-Wesley 1993) and Superchefs Signature Recipes from America’s New Royalty, (Wiley & Sons, 1997). An accomplished amateur chef, she adapted master recipes from America’s finest chefs, including Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, Daniel Boulud, Grey Kunz, Jean Georges Vongericthen and Charlie Trotter.

Karen served on a Presidential Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property, is a member of the Board of Trustees of New York’s prestigious Harmony Club and chairs the Club’s Literary and Media Committee where best-selling authors are invited to speak.

She’s involved in all stages of the publishing process, including:  collaboration agreement with the writer, consultations on the book proposal, presentations to the publisher, negotiating the the publishing agreement and other rights, and coordination with both the publisher and the publisher’s public relations firm to ensure the book gets the best possible media exposure.

Karen Gantz Represents Celebrity Authors

Karen Gantz Represents Alec Baldwin, Kathleen Turner & Other Celebrity Authors

TOPIC: It’s considerably more difficult for aspiring authors to be published by the mainstream press today than it was only a few years ago. Yet, many new (and even experienced) authors have a sense of entitlement based on a proposal or chapters that they’ve worked on for extended periods. They view promotion as the agent and publisher’s responsibility. They’re wrong! As Karen explains, proposals must include a compelling concept and excellent business plan that demonstrates a strong public platform. Authors must also avoid critical mistakes in meetings with publishers.

Karen stated: “You may only have one bite at the apple. So many authors need major restructuring of their proposals or books, and that’s why we’ve joined forces with Dr. Joyce Starr. Our dream client is a great listener.”

Living in New York, Karen meets with editors weekly, identifying those editors who are hands-on editors and are the most passionate advocates for her authors. Few people understand the extensive hours involved in her work as both a literary agent and attorney — including the time involved in reaching publishers, making a pitch, following up and negotiating a contract.

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